Weekly Links – “TeaBagger” Edition

by Darwin on April 19, 2009

This one goes out to all the liberal elite who this week stereotyped Americans who are fed up with the failed unnecessary bailouts, generational crimes we’re committing against our children and disingenuous behavior from our elected officials as: “rednecks”, “right wing zealots” or, get this, “racists”.  You have to watch a few minutes in: I think this moron’s trying to be the left-wing Ann Coulter, and while her remarks are equally outrageous and offensive, she’s not nearly as articulate or coherent for that matter.  I just don’t see the relationship between anger at our government’s irresponsible behavior and race.  Because a couple idiots showed up with inappropriate banners at one of the hundreds of rallies that day, I don’t believe it equates to “all those protesters are rednecks and racists” and classify “All people who watch Fox” as anything…isn’t that akin to saying all women are X or all washed up comedians that espouse their views on talk shows are Y?  That’s called stereotyping, right?  Exactly what she claims to be calling out.  Some of these delusional elitists are so far removed from reality that they can’t even recognize the hypocrisy of their own behavior.  Further below, I’ve attached some perspective from bloggers I follow on the tea parties and taxes.

This supposed journalist/correspondent tries to first belittle a teabagging crowd and then when she can’t take the heat, rips away the mic and says it’s not “family viewing material”.  Ridiculous. “The state of Lincoln”  “anti-government/anti-CNN”?  Like these protesters care about CNN.  They’re pissed about the direction our country’s headed.  I surely hope CNN doesn’t take themselves this seriously; they’re a cable news channel.  I cannot believe this wanna-be major network put this woman in front of a camera though.  At 1:50 in, she just starts cutting off a guy she’s interviewing, pulling the mic away and starts spouting off about her opinion while after he was asked why he’s there for the protest.  This is truly embarrassing for CNN that they would put such a biased, inept reporter out there (usually, the networks have their correspondents at least mask their liberal bias a bit) touting a $400 giveback from Obama that most responsible Americans no longer want to burden our children with – she touts that as evidence as to why their grievances should be ignored.

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