Weekly Links: Emerging Markets on Fire Edition

by Darwin on June 8, 2009

Another week of great reads during week.  These are entries from blogs I frequent, and I hope you will too (just come back!).  I’ve also included various finance/investing carnivals that published my material this week as well as my posts within my network since the last weekly links.  This week, I was stuck by the incredibly rebound of several emerging market ETFs exceeding 50% returns YTD.

My Favorite Investing Reads

Think Diversification. Think Simplicity. Think.

FDIC limits, facts and changes

Cash and Bonds are not the same thing.

Nucor stock analysis (I like this company, especially with the recent Buy America provisions wrt steel imports)

Some potentially alarming info about Interoil claims from one of my favorite Fraud Fighters

See how FIFO vs LIFO can change a company’s prospects

Dividends and buybacks in the news

Which index to choose

Questioning current valuations following recent runup

My Favorite Personal Finance Reads

Setting a teen straight with “A Credit Card is NOT your ticket to financial freedom

How to Avoid Foreclosure

Obama’s uncertainty is killing us and the economy

Opinion on how politicians vilify the rich in order to rally support for tax increases

Multiple Loans?  Which order to pay them in

Universal Health Care Pros and Cons

Sunk Cost Fallacy

A First Budget from an anti-budgeter

Kids and Money: Lemonade Stand

Stop enying millionaires

Worth trying to reduce your rent?

10 Ways your Lifestyle can save you money

Within my network at Darwin’s Finance and Everyday Finance:

40 Year Mortgages and 50&60.  What’s next, 99 year leases?

The next massive blockbuster mimicking the fountain of youth?

All World Market ETF Returns 2009 YTD

Beware those “going out of business” signs and sales

Google stock price manipulation

FREE Sick Days!  Says Government – on the back of business dollars

Too late to refinance?

Haverhill Home Staging Complaints – the infomercial may not be all it’s cracked up to be

The week’s hottest double digit ETFs

Carnivals that featured my content recently:

Carnival of Personal Finance #207

Carnival of Personal Finance #208

Festival of Frugality

Money Hacks

Real Estate Market Reports

Bankruptcy and Debt Management

Financial Planning

Everything Money

Money Stories

Money Hacks

One Mint

Wealth Money and Life

1031 Exchange

123 of Investing and Financial Planning

Cashflow Consciousness

more coming…hang on!

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