Weekend Reading: I’m A Plutus Award Finalist Edition

by Darwin on February 26, 2010

I thought I’d dedicate this weekend reading edition to a shameless plea for votes in the Plutus Awards, as I was nominated for Best Investing Blog of 2009.  I spend so little time actually trying to promote myself vs. keeping up with posts, emails and life in general, that I figure I’d throw this one out there asking for your help since I’m up against 4 other great blogs I respect and admire – ABCs of Investing, Amateur Asset AllocatorThe Oblivious Investor and Good Financial Cents).

Why Vote for me?

Here are just a few neat Investing Posts I Hope You’d Find Worthy of a Vote (especially this first link as I shared a personal investment strategy that is absolutely astounding in my opinion):

With that in mind, here’s the link to the Plutus Awards.  If you’re not familiar with other categories, you can easily find my entry by doing a <CTRL> F and search “Darwin”.

Enough shameless pandering though; here are my favorite reads from the week.

Favorite Reads:
No Debt PlanVideo: How to Set up a Monthly Budget/Spending Plan

WeakonomicsThe Hollywood Stock Exchange (neat concept)

TaxVox Why so Few Pay Income Tax

Steadfast FinancesDo you Know Your Leverage Ratio?

The MishDetroit Union Troubles Microcosm of US Debt Equation

Dividend Guy3 Questions Every Investor Must Ask

Political CalculationsA Better Way for Detecting Housing Bubbles

QuickSproutWhy I’ll Never Live in a Rich Neighborhood

Carnivals that Featured My Content Recently:

Carnival of Personal Finance

Best of Money

Money Hacks

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Carnival of Personal Finance

Festival of Frugality

Road to Financial Independence

Money Hacks

Festival of Frugality

Personal Finance

Money Stories 2

OneMint Economy and Your Finances

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