Weekend Reading – Market Just Won’t Stop Edition

by Darwin on August 29, 2009

Following a 50% runup in equities from the March lows, I figured it was time to start hedging my trading portfolio, so I entered into a ratio spread with a potential 2200% return on an outlay of less than $200 (check out for more basics on How to Trade Options), but alas, I’m eventually going to start hedging myself into a loss, as this market just keeps running.  I don’t lose sleep over it because my trading portfolio is a fraction of my retirement portfolio and the kids’ 529 plans, so net-net, it’s good to be moving up.  So, with that backdrop on this week’s dedication, here are some of my favorite reads from blogs I follow:

Consider your loved ones when acting like a Finance Freak, a Frugal Freak, or whatever type of freak you are.  I’m glad someone said it.  It’s a good article highlighting the fact that your actions aren’t only impacting you, but the people around you!

California’s in for a wild ride – this article provides a nice visual and background for what’s going on in California regarding budget woes from the Silicon Valley blogger herself.

Monavie – Sue Me!  God forbid someone questions the efficacy of a product that has no proven benefit yet costs an arm and a leg.  This Lazy Man’s getting NastyGrams and he’s not taking it laying down.  Kind of reminds me of my fun with Shop To Earn‘s critique.

What is your time really worth? That’s a good question.  Weakonomics takes on some of the common methods that people value their time and justify their expenditures.

Why You should use a Headhunter/Recruiter – this article outlines 10 good reasons and some personal perspective to back up this notion.  Go it alone at your own peril!

Managing Your Risk – with a glide scope, great description and visuals.  Worth checking out to see how your diversification/risk tolerance matches up.

Trying to sell your house? Check out these 9 tips on how to do it effectively.

10 Stocks Raising Their Dividends – I love checking out these lists.  Always a couple gems in their for my high yield portfolio.

Comparing MPG for Alternative Fuel Vehicles – a really nice, well designed article and inset tools to perform calculations – and keep the EPA honest!

Getting Your Loan Modified By Your Lender may be much easier than you think.  20smoney highlights some RIDICULOUS deals his buds have gotten while he’s stuck with his (the horror!) 4.75% rate.  Just kidding, I’d ask myself the same question – the grass is always greener, especially when you’re a taxpayer funding this stuff!

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1 The Digerati Life September 2, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Thanks for the mention! Have to read your discussion on options. I’ve been exploring other ways to play the markets.
.-= The Digerati Life´s last blog ..Green Living: Ways To Recycle And Buy Used =-.

2 Make Cash Now June 20, 2010 at 12:42 pm

I remember this week very well. I lost a lot of money then and I am lucky enough to have made it back very soon after. I just hope we don’t have many weeks like this.

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