Weekend Reading: Hello iPad Edition

by Darwin on April 9, 2010

This week’s Best in Money and Investing edition coincides with the launch of the iPad which probably made Tiger Woods happy (a little less press for his debut).  While some analysts were literally pulling numbers out of their butts touting 700,000 units on opening day, it was more like half that sold.  Nonetheless, Apple shares are at an all-time high (which makes me happy – see my portfolio) also on news of a new iPhone 4 and a software upgrade that will allow for simultaneous apps. Anyway, back to what’s really important – great articles in Money and Investing.

Here were my favorite reads from bloggers I follow:

Finance for a Freelance Life shares some great advice she’d give her little sister – it covers some great topics, namely – just know that you can’t afford it.  Too many people act like they CAN afford it, when they CAN’T.

Weakonomics takes on the question of Why Interest is Tax Deductible.  I find it interesting that many western countries either don’t allow or recently eliminated mortgage interest deductions and their real estate didn’t implode.  I know I’d miss the deduction though!

No Debt Plan warns to Watch for Teaser Rates on Checking Accounts.  Why do you think that rate’s so attractive?

Financial Samurai shares an interesting way to defer unnecessary purchases – Play Games To Save Money And Achieve Your Goals!  I also want to thank Sam for starting up the Yakezie Challenge which has prompted several bloggers to help each other improve their Alexa scores (some fellow Yakezies are included this week).  I’m now in the 100K club, which was a major goal of mine.  Thanks!

20s Money has sage advice for everyone – Where Public Policy Fails, You Must Fill The Gap.  He’s right.  While the US may be turning into a nanny state, don’t assume “everything’s going to work out” or the government’s going to take care of you.  Look out for yourself and plan ahead!

Bargaineering shares a list on the Richest Counties in America.  Neat list.

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1 Financial Samurai April 9, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Thanks for being a esteemed member of our club Darwin.

And congrats for only paying a 5% effective tax rate! 🙂



2 Money hints April 10, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Even with all the press about the ipad and everything else out there, tiger was still talked about and ripped on throughout the week.

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