Weekend Reading – iPad Cometh Edition

by Darwin on March 12, 2010

With Apple’s stock at an all-time high on anticipation of blockbuster iPad sales with an estimated 20,000 units sold per hour on opening day today, it makes you wonder whether such a hot item is completely recession-proof.  People need that iPad!  It’s quite amazing, and I’m holding plenty of Apple stock (see Darwin’s Portfolio – The Full Monty).  But as far as buying one myself, I’m gonna have to wait it out.  I’ll wait. And watch. And see if I’d actually be able and willing to use one of these devices to its potential.  And then I’ll buy a second generation when they make it better.  Enough on Apple though, here are some great reads for the week with a couple new blogs I’m following as well as some usual suspects:

A new favorite blog I read is by “the Mish“.  With a title like this, how can you not read this article?
Hardball In New Jersey, No Balls In Virginia; Brass Balls In Las Vegas

The Dividend Guy shares essential tips for the struggling investor.

My Journey to Millions rightly points out that comparatively speaking, a Million Dollars IS a lot of money

Consumerism Commentary meanwhile, says I Might Need $3,000,000 To Retire: What’s Your Number?

Wealth Pilgrim shows us How To Teach Kids About Money

Len Penzo on the Deadbeat Generation

Simple Dollar on Convenience Foods: What They Really Cost

Steadfast Finances on Why it’s Important to Buy during the Doom & Gloom News

And check out this Yakazie Challenge where bloggers are teaming up to increase their Alexa rankings (see this week’s challenge). Impressive!

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1 Evan March 15, 2010 at 10:29 am

Thanks for pointing out that I was right!

While I don’t have a great reason, I hate Apple as a company. I know you have done VERY well as an investment, but there is something about them controlling it all that upsets me.

Notwithstanding my oddness – thanks for the link

Darwin Reply:

Hate Apple? Well, you must absolutely hate MSFT and Google then. I’m kind of a new convert to Apple since I first bought an ipod, then iPhone over the past couple years. I’m not gung-ho (still using a PC, not an Apple), but I can’t argue with their business model’s success. People think nothing of dropping $1.99 on an App, $1.29 for a random song they’ll listen to 3 times; it’s the perfect extortion scheme for an ADD American society. I’d love to see how the models work in other economies that are more frugal with their cash like say, China. Well I guess 1 Billion potential customers would make up for any shortfall there!

Evan Reply:


Nope don’t hate MSFT or Google. Actually Love Google.

I have tried to express these feelings to people before and they fail to come out right, so I’ll try again. First it has nothing to do with them as an investment – they have a bad ass model. It is really them as a company. oh, and most of the reasons are petty.

One reason is that they call their support staff Geniuses. That angers me. Another reason is that everything they make is propertary – I bought the damn song let me do what I want with it. Another reason is that ITunes, as an application, is buggy and so lined with security features that I have crashed multiple Ipods (other people’s because I refuse to buy one). Another reason is that people love them so much, and over pay for hardware…yet they have no clue anything about the computer – speed, processor, etc. To me it is like when a female tries to JUSTIFY a stupidly expensive handbag.

Phew….breath it out Evan

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