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6 Reasons You Won’t Go to Finance Hell if You’re Getting a Tax Refund This Year

There are a select few articles that get republished year in and year out that start to become “gospel” in the personal finance world.  With tax time approaching, you’re going to see several writers and talking heads on television chastise you for the “free loan” you gave the US government this year if you’re receiving […]

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7 Year-End Tax Tips You Can’t Miss!

Here are several year end tax tips that you should consider and a few things you may want to wait on until next year to optimize your tax deductions overall.  I’m doing several of these, I hope you are too – and would love to hear what else you’re doing to snag any last minute […]

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6 Prudent Uses for your Tax Refund This Year

Now that tax day is finally behind us (well, except for the uber-procrastinators), the next consideration is what to do with that tax refund check.  First of all, I hope people didn’t take their tax preparer up on the offer to get a rapid refund at exorbitant rates.  As outlined here, it’s a total ripoff.  […]

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