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Winners and Losers Under Obama’s New Tax Plan

Monday, the administration released their budget plan which was purported to reduce the tax burden on middle-class Americans.  There will be clear winners and losers under the plan, so here are the high points: Winners Making Work Pay tax credit—$400 for individuals, $800 for a couple filing jointly—through 2011.  This was already in place for […]

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7 Year-End Tax Tips You Can’t Miss!

Here are several year end tax tips that you should consider and a few things you may want to wait on until next year to optimize your tax deductions overall.  I’m doing several of these, I hope you are too – and would love to hear what else you’re doing to snag any last minute […]

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Yes, You Can Deduct Your New Car Sales Tax This Year!

I was helping my mom buy a car last month and I came across an article on the car sales tax deduction for 2009 that I must have missed in the plethora of bailouts, TARPS, TALPS and other acronyms that I wish were never invented.  Regardless, the IRS offers some useful Q&A on what the […]

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