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TARP Fund Irony: Credit Enables 20,000 Layoffs by Pfizer

In a perverse irony, the same TARP funds that were envisaged by our prudent leaders are now resulting in massive layoffs.  While I’d like to say that correlation is not causation, consider the linear progression of events today, the same single day that over 70,000 job cuts were announced: As more details emerged from Pfizer’s […]

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Generation Debt: Our Children will Hate Us

Historians like to classify generations of Americans from different time periods in rather large buckets, painting an entire generation with the brush of genius or triumph based on the challenges of their time.  There’s the generation of Americans who grew up in the Depression era, known for their ability to persevere and succeed in the […]

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TARP Program ROI Not So Hot for Taxpayers

According to the blog from the Director of the Congressional Budget Office, the return on investment to taxpayers for the TARP program is not so good.  In a roundabout way, he shared some insight into what the actual ROI is as of now: …CBO estimates that the net cost of the TARP’s transactions (broadly speaking, […]

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