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Extra Income vs. Saving Money – Have You Considered Everything?

I’m sometimes confronted with various options for either making additional money or saving money by doing something myself, and I then need to reconcile that with my available time.  Add to that mix the financial benefits net of expenses and taxes and before you know it, it’s become a little more involved than just gross […]

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How Much Could You Reduce Your Budget if You Get Laid Off?

In this economy, even if you think your job is safe, you’ve gotta at least have in the back of your mind, “What are some immediate steps we could take to dramatically reduce our monthly expenditures in the event of a layoff?”.  While many companies offer severance for several months, there’s no guarantee that you’ll […]

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It’s 2010! Get Off Your Butt and Do Something Quick and Easy to Improve Your Finances!

Rather than write another long post on New Year’s Resolutions, how great my last year was and “yeah! pump it up in 2010”, here are 6 simple steps you can take in under and hour each to dramatically improve your financial situation.  If you haven’t already completed/attempted these, why not make today the day? Get […]

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3 Painless Tips to Save Up for Something Special

I was having a conversation with my 5 year old tonight about his piggybank and he said he wasn’t ready to go to the bank yet since he didn’t save enough money yet.  That triggered some memories (and an savings tip article idea!) about different ways I used to save money when I didn’t have […]

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