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3 Low-Cost Option Strategies for Stock Market Speculation

While stock market speculation is frowned upon by many main stream investors and journalists, options strategies that seek to exploit market volatility or complacency can reward investors handsomely under the right conditions.  There is a fine line between speculation and hedging though, right?  Airlines hedge their fuel costs (heck, I hedge energy costs for our […]

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How to Hedge Gas Prices and Put Money Back in your Pocket

What if I told you that you didn’t have to wrestle with skyrocketing gas prices again this summer like 2008?  With oil prices reaching new highs again and gas prices trailing in lockstep, it’s time to think about how to hedge your exposure to increasing fuel prices and save money on gas by whatever means […]

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Study:Google Earnings Stock Manipulation EVERY Time?

Today, I came across this damning paper from Jerry Liu, a Finance professor at Cal State on the overt manipulation of Google’s share prices around earnings and options expiry timeframes.  Despite occasional grammatical errors throughout, this is the most influential paper of its sort I’ve read in years, including the assigned literature of this sort […]

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Is Now a Good Time to Start Investing in Stocks?

This is the proverbial question for which there is no simple answer.  Much depends on a prospective investor’s risk tolerance, investment horizon and personal financial situation.  However, given the current economic malaise, investors have been holding much cash on the sidelines.  Often times, when market capitulation occurs and both retail and institutional investors throw in […]

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