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10 Ways to be Annoying at Work and Ruin your Career

After spending some time in corporate America in roles ranging from the trenches in manufacturing to the cube farms in corporate to running international teams for projects, there are probably hundreds of annoying behaviors I’ve witnessed (and admittedly, a few that I’ve exhibited and learned from as well) that are worth mentioning.  Here are ten […]

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Advanta Freezes Credit Cards – High Yield Notes in Jeopardy?

In a desperate attempt to preserve capital, Advanta has halted all charges from its small business customers after June 10.  This is especially disturbing to not just small business card holders, but also, the thousands of individuals holding their high yield investment notes (see initial skeptical article 1 month ago on Advanta Investment Notes).  In […]

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US Workers Have the Worst Severance Packages

While not entirely surprising, I found this BusinessWeek article to be interesting in that it highlighted just how much US company severance packages lag behind our industrialized peers.  Of the 8 countries in the comparison, in terms of weeks of severance per years worked, the US was last, at 1.78 vs. the following other country […]

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A Government Mandated Layoff Freeze?

In yet another in a long line of silly ideas that may great sound bites, a prominent economist is calling for the Obama to plea with Fortune 500 companies to cease their layoff plans for months in an attempt to allow for the stimulus plan to take effect and to help in the recovery of the […]

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SuperFund Review – Are the Returns Too “Super” to be True?

After a barrage of commercial television advertisements, I decided to check out what the SuperFund was all about.  Upon seeing the commercial, the name SuperFund jogged some memories of a prior article I read and bam!, it hit me.  I had read about it in this BusinessWeek article years ago.  Perhaps the mental affiliation with a […]

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Tobacco Settlement Money has been Squandered Shamelessly

In a shameful show of disregard for the intended purpose of the funds that states received from the big tobacco settlement, the Government Accountability Office released statistics showing that the states have spent most of the settlement money on things other than antismoking efforts.  Through the end of fiscal year 2005, here’s a snapshot of the […]

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