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Chase Freedom Cranks Up Rewards to 5% Cash Back

Today, Chase Freedom upped the cash back rewards from 3% to 5% cash back for popular categories like gas, groceries, home improvements, airline tickets and other categories that rotate periodically.  When spending outside these categories, the card pays a full 1% cash back as well.  While many credit card customers are irate over shrinking benefits, […]

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Sallie Mae Study Shows That College Students Are Using Credit More Often

The following is a guest post at Darwin’s Finance from Think Debt Relief.  If interested in guest posting here, inquire further via this contact form. A recent study by student lender Sallie Mae shows that college students are now relying more heavily on their credit cards than they have at any time in the past. […]

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Advanta Freezes Credit Cards – High Yield Notes in Jeopardy?

In a desperate attempt to preserve capital, Advanta has halted all charges from its small business customers after June 10.  This is especially disturbing to not just small business card holders, but also, the thousands of individuals holding their high yield investment notes (see initial skeptical article 1 month ago on Advanta Investment Notes).  In […]

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