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Ally Bank’s Yields “Too High” Says Competition…and No-Penalty CDs

The head of the American Banker’s Association complained in this letter to Sheila Bair, Chairman of the FDIC, that Ally Bank’s CD rates and savings rates were too high.  They find it to be “egregious” that this former GMAC bank is offering such tantalizing rates given the government stake in GM.  While the trade group […]

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Advanta High Yield Notes: 8.5% – 11% Yield Worth the Risk?

I continue to read with interest the advertisements in my local paper for these Advanta high yield investment notes.  Currently, they’re offering a 1 year note at 8.5%, a 2 year note at 10% and a 10 year note at 11%. These are exceedingly high yield investment notes, especially in light of the current low […]

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