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Extra Income vs. Saving Money – Have You Considered Everything?

I’m sometimes confronted with various options for either making additional money or saving money by doing something myself, and I then need to reconcile that with my available time.  Add to that mix the financial benefits net of expenses and taxes and before you know it, it’s become a little more involved than just gross […]

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Are You Pro-Business or Pro-Worker? Why is That?

I often think back to my teenage jobs and wonder how those experiences translated into my current outlook on work, business, capitalism and life in general.  One theme I used to encounter frequently as a low-wage unskilled worker was the plight of the business owner vs. the plight of the worker.  I recall being surrounded […]

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Do People Who Speak Up Have Better Financial Outcomes in Life?

We were out to dinner Saturday night and we ordered the nachos as an appetizer at the same time as our kids’ dinner selection.  Several minutes later we placed our dinner orders (parents’ orders that is).  In fact, we always INTENTIONALLY refuse to place our dinner order with an appetizer order to avoid having our […]

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10 Ways to be Annoying at Work and Ruin your Career

After spending some time in corporate America in roles ranging from the trenches in manufacturing to the cube farms in corporate to running international teams for projects, there are probably hundreds of annoying behaviors I’ve witnessed (and admittedly, a few that I’ve exhibited and learned from as well) that are worth mentioning.  Here are ten […]

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A WakeUp Call from Foreign Workers in a Flat World

There isn’t much to say about this video other than – Wow, Reality Sinking In.  If you think the current economic downturn, the layoffs, the headlines are bad now, imagine what western economies may look like in 20 years when virtually any role can be outsourced to someone a world away who wants what you have […]

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Layoffs: You May Be Next – Tips to Avoid, Prepare and React

What can you do to Prepare for or Mitigate a Layoff? While there are myriad advice pieces on this topic of avoiding a layoff or finding a new job quickly, many of them are useless or complete common sense.  I’m sharing a few of the things I do to stay one step ahead of the […]

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