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Wish You Invested in the Success of Avatar? Now You Can with Movie Futures Investing

Have you ever just known a much-vaunted movie was going to be a stinker?  Or you picked a gem that turned out to be a huge hit?  Well, now you get a chance to be an industry executive and profit from your wisdom.  In a similar vein to yesterday’s post on How to Invest in […]

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How to Invest in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

The saying “It takes money to make money” seems to manifest itself at every corner.  If you want to become a landlord and exploit the leverage and interest deductions allowed while having someone else pay your rent, you need money for a sizable down payment (unless you fall for the scammy infomercials touting the guy […]

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Intrade Futures and Trades – You’ve Gotta See it to Believe it

I’ve been using Intrade for some time now.  Intrade is essentially a futures platform for the everyday investor (or gambler actually).  I don’t usually equate investing with gambling because when you buy shares of a publicly traded stock, you own part of the company.  However, in this case, with Intrade, you’re buying or selling binary options […]

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