Why You Should Subscribe to Darwin’s Finance

If you are reading this, you haven’t made up your mind yet as to whether Darwin’s Finance is worth your while. Well, hopefully these 5 differentiating factors and value propositions will compel you to stay connected.

1. Results!
First and foremost, Darwin’s Finance delivers results to readers.  From topics such as how to hedge your energy prices to how to construct your own simple Net Present Value Model to assist in everyday decisions, this blog provides free, relevant tools, ideas and analysis to inform both your personal finance and investing decisions.

2. Somebody Likes Me
With thousands of followers across RSS, Twitter and other key social networks readers are endorsing Darwin’s Finance as a valuable source of information. Each and every week, dozens of prominent outlets and blogs like WSJ.com, SeekingAlpha, Yahoo!Finance, MSN and others either syndicate or link to my articles. I must be doing something right!

3. Diverse and Innovative Content
I make it a point to publish diverse topics each week spanning money saving tips, career advice, investing strategies, how new tax changes impact your bottom line, “how to” articles like constructing your own structured notes and low-cost option strategies and more.

4. I don’t Spam my Twitter Account
Since I don’t post everyday, you won’t always catch a new post in my Twitter steam.  While I don’t tweet constantly about “teeth-whitening” and “How to make $247 a day by working at home”, I do routinely tweet about my favorite articles from around the web and breaking news, leaving large gaps between my own article updates.  Therefore, the best way to catch the latest posts is through my RSS feed.

5. I am always willing to help you out
If you have any questions about a post, a model I constructed (which I’ve routinely shared openly) or anything else, I always reply to individual emails and do my best to reply to all reader comments.

So now that I have convinced you to subscribe to Darwin’s Finance, you have a few options.

Don’t worry, no matter what method you choose, I promise I won’t spam you. And if for some reason you aren’t happy with the content I am writing, you can always unsubscribe – or you can trash me and I’ll publish your comment as long as it’s not a profanity ridden spam trail.

PS: If you aren’t familiar with RSS and would like to learn what it is, click here.