Darwin’s Portfolio Update: Almost Doubled the Return of the S&P500

by Darwin on April 8, 2010

In March, I had provided my first portfolio update in some time, so I figured I’d follow up with an April update. In that initial update, I laid out brief rationale and background on each purchase.  Here, I’ll just provide returns from March 11 to represent return for the portfolio.

Since the March update, an average weighted portfolio of my holdings would have returned 5.4% vs. 3.0% for the S&P500.

Baidu.come (BIDU) – Up 13%

Apple (AAPL) – Up 7.1%

IMAX (IMAX) – Up 14%

Chiplotle Grill (CMG) – Up 9%

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster (GMCR) – Up 4.4%

Google (GOOG) – Down 2%

Pimco Muni Fund (PMF) – Up 5%

Vimplecom (VIP) – Down 10%

Gold Miner Junior ETF (GDXJ) – Up 10%

Goldman Sachs (GS) – Up 3.2%

This includes all 11 stocks featured last month and accounts for a 10% loss in Vimplecom.  Aside from Google, everything else was up.  Additionally, PMF is a high yield muni ETF which is carrying a tax equivalent yield in the high single digits, depending on your tax bracket. IMAX has just been on fire with these 3D movies coming at us left and right.  That buy-what-you-know pick has turned out to be spectacular since entry earlier this year.  BIDU’s also been on fire with Google’s confirmed exit from China.

So you don’t think I’m patting myself on the back too much, I want to share that many of the stocks held in the portfolio carry a higher Beta than the broad market S&P500 index, so I should expect to outperform in an up month.

Look out for an update soon on the Dual Short Leveraged ETF strategy which provides returns that are very much non-correlated with the market at large and has thus far been very lucrative.

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1 Money hints April 9, 2010 at 11:44 am

Great job on your holdings, The s&p is no match to your holdings. Hold on to google, I believe there next quarter will produce some good earnings for you and as far as apple, the ipad will give them a huge quarter as well. just wait for the quarter earnings and sell. With HP coming out with the ipad killer that has more and better apps the ipad sales will surely go down hard.

2 Smarter Spend April 9, 2010 at 4:13 pm

Great idea getting both Google and Baidu.

What other tech companies do you think are good buys?

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