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Rates Are Finally Spiking – What it Means

After years of (artificially) depressed interest rates on everything from US Treasuries to savings vehicles like money markets and CDs to borrowing rates for consumers, we finally saw a spike in interest rates in May.  If rates keep rising at a similar rate in the coming months, there will be broad ripple effects in the […]

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Are These Investments Unethical? Does it Matter?

With investment themes like “socially responsible” funds, ethical funds, religious funds, green investing and the like springing up to cater to the whims of conscientious investors, I thought I’d get your thoughts on various types of investments I’ve come across or invested in myself.   Lending Money at High Interest Rates – These days, it’s […]

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Should Obama Tap Strategic Oil Reserve For Political Gain?

I was disheartened this weekend to hear that the administration is considering tapping the strategic oil reserve to, in their words, “Help ease soaring oil prices’.  I’m not so naive to believe oil prices aren’t important to economic factors in the US.  High oil prices, which translate into hire gasoline prices, essentially act as a […]

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OptionsHouse Review – Trades for $2.95

Amazingly, OptionsHouse is able to provide trading commissions at $2.95 per trade.  But that’s just the beginning.  There are some benefits and promotions worth checking out: Free 90 Day Trial of One-on-One Investment Coaching at 90 Day Free Subscription to Morningstar OptionInvestor and StockInvestor at Try Before you Trade with the OptionsHouse Virtual […]

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Why Do People Pay More Money for the Top of the Line Model? Incremental Value Analysis

Incremental value analysis confronts us all in everyday expenses from sales at the lunch line at work to replacing routine household items that your wife destroys. The other day, my wife broke the glass coffee carafe for the last time.  I said, “I’m sick of you and the kids breaking these damn things, let’s just […]

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