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I’ll Never Buy Music Again – Except Monthly :>

Throughout my life I’ve gone through a series of various philosophies on music listening, performance and consumption.  As a kid, I was REALLY into  music.  I started playing guitar at about 13, went on to be in various “Battle of the Bands” and other concerts, etc. and was a voracious consumer of rock and metal […]

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Verizon FIOS is WAY more Expensive than you Think – Here’s Why

I was snookered the other day by a Verizon FIOS flyer touting a $79 combo deal.  After cutting through the facade, I realized that if I wanted a similar set of services with Verizon compared to my existing Comcast offerings, I’d be paying a hefty premium.  Even in the face of “better service” from Verizon, […]

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Why I love the iPhone

It’s only fitting that I’m writing this post from my iPhone so it will be a bit shorter than normal. But I wanted to both demonstrate the utility my new iPhone has brought me as well as do a quick review of how it has changed my efficiency and flexibility as a blogger, investor and […]

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