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Cash for Appliances Details Emerging – State by State

Cash for Appliances, the son of Cash for Clunkers, (and now, the father of cash for caulkers) is a more widely diverse state by state stimulus program whereby consumers can enjoy rebates up to a few hundred dollars while obtaining assistance on disposal of old appliances like refrigerators in some states.  The problem is, there […]

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The “Wash Rule” in Investing and How it Applies to You

What is the Wash Sale Rule? This is an infrequently asked question, but an important one nonetheless (especially this year while investors are likely sitting on large capital losses) since traders violate it somewhat routinely without even being aware of the rule – and if challenged by the SEC, they could face some pesky consequences.  […]

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Cash for Appliances is Coming – Hold Off on that Purchase!

Cash for Appliances, the sequel to Cash-for-clunkers (and now, the predecessor to cash for caulkers) is just around the corner.  The US Department of Energy will be unveiling the Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program, which is projected to be a $300 Million stimulus package meant to further stimulate the economy.  The government indicated that by […]

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How Does Deferred Compensation Work?

I first heard of a deferred compensation plan a few years ago when one of my old bosses left my company and within a few years, quickly became a high-flyer in the organization, overseeing operations in several countries and managing thousands of employees with a global biopharma.  Evidently, many things went right for him, and […]

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