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How I Saved 44% on my Comcast Bill-Chat Transcript ($1104 per Year)

The overriding theme of this post is to demonstrate that for ANY utility (Comcast Bill in my case) you pay where there is ANY competition in the area, you can likely employ some very simple techniques to achieve significant savings, leading to hundreds of dollars annually.  In this case, we have a pretty intense Comcast […]

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Since When Does “Clipping Coupons” Mean You’re Poor?

In today’s economic environment, more and more people seem to be using – or at least talking about – coupons.  While we’ve used them for years (I dutifully pull them out of the weekly circular in our newspaper and store them in a designated spot for the next shopping trip), apparently, now people are “admitting […]

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Energy Saving Tips from the Dept of Energy – Pretty Darn Good!

When I was contemplating the steps we’re taking this year to save money on our energy bills, I thought this would be a quick post on top energy savings tips with high ROI.  However, in checking out some other sources, I came across a wealth of information that I couldn’t help but share as well.  […]

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Verizon FIOS is WAY more Expensive than you Think – Here’s Why

I was snookered the other day by a Verizon FIOS flyer touting a $79 combo deal.  After cutting through the facade, I realized that if I wanted a similar set of services with Verizon compared to my existing Comcast offerings, I’d be paying a hefty premium.  Even in the face of “better service” from Verizon, […]

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3 Painless Tips to Save Up for Something Special

I was having a conversation with my 5 year old tonight about his piggybank and he said he wasn’t ready to go to the bank yet since he didn’t save enough money yet.  That triggered some memories (and an savings tip article idea!) about different ways I used to save money when I didn’t have […]

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Consumer Reports Wisdom from October’s Issue

So, I’m a big fan of Consumer Reports. It’s one of the few publications out there worth paying for alongside BusinessWeek and The Economist in my opinion. Therefore I’d like to share some of the highpoints of the October edition. If you like to save money and enjoy unbiased reviews consider subscribing – and please […]

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Cash for Appliances is Coming – Hold Off on that Purchase!

Cash for Appliances, the sequel to Cash-for-clunkers (and now, the predecessor to cash for caulkers) is just around the corner.  The US Department of Energy will be unveiling the Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program, which is projected to be a $300 Million stimulus package meant to further stimulate the economy.  The government indicated that by […]

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3 High ROI Summertime Home Energy Saving Tips

I had one of those Eureka moments tonight (OK, well, I didn’t run down the street naked like Archimedes, but it was one of “those moments”) when I opened the garage door to get some dog food and the hot air hit me – I thought “Home Energy Savings Tip!”. The house was cool, it […]

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