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I’ll Never Buy Music Again – Except Monthly :>

Throughout my life I’ve gone through a series of various philosophies on music listening, performance and consumption.  As a kid, I was REALLY into  music.  I started playing guitar at about 13, went on to be in various “Battle of the Bands” and other concerts, etc. and was a voracious consumer of rock and metal […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Unlike many financial planners and personal finance bloggers who tout the benefits of a health savings account (HSA) – I actually have one. That is not to say of course that just because someone does not have a Health Savings Account that this somehow precludes them from talking about the benefits of HSA’s but as […]

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Results: Energy Tax Credit Toward New Efficient Central Air Unit is Surprisingly…Inefficient

Last month, I shared my analysis on my considerations for taking advantage of the Energy Tax Credit and getting 30% off the cost of a new Central Air Unit since our house if 15 years old and we’ll eventually need one anyway.  Well, there are various ways to look at large purchases like this, ranging […]

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Simple but Important Calculation: How Much Should You Have Saved for College Today?

While not all parents agree on which type of college their kids should attend, how much of the cost they should front, or whether a college degree is even worth the immense upfront expenditure at all, what is virtually unanimous is that given recent trends in tuition it’s a terribly expensive undertaking that will likely […]

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How Stupid (Or Lazy) Do They Think I Am?

This month, my Comcast bill came in $10 higher than my previously negotiated 44% Discount.  If you followed that ordeal, I posted (copy/paste) an entire online chat session with a Comcast rep on how I saved 44% on my Comcast bill by threatening to leave for Verizon FIOS.  Well, this month for some reason, the […]

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101 Ways to Cut Expenses – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Every once in a while I come across a list or publication that has some surprising insight that I like to share, like when I found these home energy savings tips from the US Department of Energy.  Well, this week, I came across an AARP publication on 101 ways to cut expenses.  Since 101 items […]

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How Much Could You Reduce Your Budget if You Get Laid Off?

In this economy, even if you think your job is safe, you’ve gotta at least have in the back of your mind, “What are some immediate steps we could take to dramatically reduce our monthly expenditures in the event of a layoff?”.  While many companies offer severance for several months, there’s no guarantee that you’ll […]

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25 Best Personal Finance, Investing & Career Posts of 2009

After sharing the best posts from around the blogosphere in Personal Finance and Investing with yesterday’s Carnival of Personal Finance I realized I didn’t do a look-back at 2009 from Darwin’s Finance.  In this list you’ll find thousands of dollars in money saving tips, career boosters, investing tricks and tax deduction ideas you may have […]

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It’s 2010! Get Off Your Butt and Do Something Quick and Easy to Improve Your Finances!

Rather than write another long post on New Year’s Resolutions, how great my last year was and “yeah! pump it up in 2010”, here are 6 simple steps you can take in under and hour each to dramatically improve your financial situation.  If you haven’t already completed/attempted these, why not make today the day? Get […]

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