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How Does Deferred Compensation Work?

I first heard of a deferred compensation plan a few years ago when one of my old bosses left my company and within a few years, quickly became a high-flyer in the organization, overseeing operations in several countries and managing thousands of employees with a global biopharma.  Evidently, many things went right for him, and […]

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Why were the Risk-Averse so Heavily Invested in Stocks?

Akin to how our grandparents’ generation is known for their thrift and frugality from living through the Great Depression, our generation may very well be known for a similar sort of risk-aversion…a changed generation of humility and financial conservatism, after seeing the worst financial conditions and stock market deterioration in our lifetime (note: in our […]

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7.25% Tax-Protected Guaranteed Return – Would You Take It?

I saw this question posted by a municipal employee on a message board and wanted to share it here with a broader audience and give my perspective – and invite thoughts/ideas. “I have an offer to join a new retirement plan that boils down to a (one time option to join, non-revocable) guaranteed 7.25% annual […]

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