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My Scammy Online Ticket Purchase Experience – What to Watch For

So my kid likes weird stuff.  He proclaimed that he’s “so over fiction” and he only likes science.  He’s 5.  A bit odd for his age, but I’ll go with it.  So, I decided I’d take him to a Body Worlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  As usual, they coerce you into buying […]

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25 Best Personal Finance, Investing & Career Posts of 2009

After sharing the best posts from around the blogosphere in Personal Finance and Investing with yesterday’s Carnival of Personal Finance I realized I didn’t do a look-back at 2009 from Darwin’s Finance.  In this list you’ll find thousands of dollars in money saving tips, career boosters, investing tricks and tax deduction ideas you may have […]

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Since When Does “Clipping Coupons” Mean You’re Poor?

In today’s economic environment, more and more people seem to be using – or at least talking about – coupons.  While we’ve used them for years (I dutifully pull them out of the weekly circular in our newspaper and store them in a designated spot for the next shopping trip), apparently, now people are “admitting […]

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Tipping Turbulence – How Much for Pizza Delivery?

How much to tip for pizza delivery is apparently more complex than I thought.  The other night, we hosted some friends for a rotating party we’ve had for some time now deemed “Pizza Night”.  It’s basically a get-together to catch up and spare the host(ess) hours of preparation in trying to impress with a 5 […]

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Abysmal Survey Results: Americans Don’t Understand Basic Financial Concepts

A recent financial literacy survey conducted by Financial Finesse, a finance eduction outfit, revealed some pretty alarming results – downright abysmal in fact.  It revealed what most of us probably suspected, but with specific numbers tied to it, the prospects don’t look good with regard to the financial literacy of everyday Americans.  According to the […]

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Today’s Financial Priority: Get a Free Credit Score from myFICO

Routinely checking both your credit score and your credit report is increasingly important these days. Between identify theft and more rigorous credit assessments for everything from AT&T demanding a larger security deposit for high credit risks to what rate you’ll pay for a car loan, if you’re not checking both of these routinely, you’re incurring […]

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Family Money – Fairness vs. Favoritism in Gifting, Wills and More

Family Money is a sensitive topic to cover, but I think it’s critically important from both an estate planning standpoint and from the standpoint of personal relationships with family members.  Primarily, when it comes to things like wills, gifting, and financial assistance to family members (usually children) there are a complex array of considerations that […]

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Green-Speak from Companies – What’s in it for Consumers?

I logged into my AT&T account the other day (forced customer due to iPhone) and there was a prompt asking if I wanted paperless billing.  I’ve been receiving multiple notices from other companies I pay bills too as well (in some cases, they actually send a paper notice telling me about it separate from my […]

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5 Reasons Living Paycheck to Paycheck Costs You Thousands

Living paycheck to paycheck – It’s all too common, and easy to do.  Whether someone’s making $25,000 per year or $125,000 per year, a substantial portion of those earners are literally living paycheck to paycheck each month.  While people often justify this self-perpetuating cycle by citing their ever-increasing real estate taxes, feeding a family of […]

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