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The Hidden Cost of Staying Home with the Kids

Whether or not to stay home instead of working often comes down to money.  Often times it doesn’t, and mom would really just rather be working, but for many families, mom would love to stay home but the numbers don’t work for varying reasons and they go back to work after maternity leave is up. […]

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My Effective Tax Rate is Under 5% – That’s Just Wrong

So, my accountant finally wrapped up my various tax documents and for the prominent Federal Tax Return, I was surprised once again to see just how low my Effective Tax Rate is – under 5%.  That’s my net tax rate after all deductions, credits, etc.  Not that I’m complaining, but the tax system is so […]

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Free FICO Score with 7 Day Trial from Equifax- Why Not?

Equifax has a promotion running where you get get a FREE peak at your actual FICO score (this one is the most valuable and utilized routinely in the credit industry compared to any of the individual credit bureau scores).  Additionally, you get access to Score Power which tells you where you stand in comparison to […]

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The Crap We Buy Our Kids Equates to $100,000 at 21 Years Old

photo credit: Kate Penn | Bay City Times A buddy of mine mentioned an interview he saw with the author of a new book The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-and a Vision for Change.  The premise is that Americans spend way more time […]

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Doing a Tax Refund Loan? Ask Yourself This 1 Question

Have you or would you ever take out a Payday Loan? You know, those loans that charge exorbitant interest rates to desperate people that can’t wait for their next “payday” so they need the loan today? If you answer no, then Why On Earth would you fall for a Tax Refund Loans or “Refund Anticipation […]

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If You’re Getting Ahead, isn’t Splitting Hairs Counter-Productive?

At the risk of contradicting some of my earlier posts when pointing out the optimal way to approach particular financial scenarios sometimes it’s best to instead say, “Just Tackle the Issue Regardless! Worry about details later“.  When it comes to personal finances, if analysis paralysis sets in and you worry so much about finding the […]

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Getting Real About Your Emergency Fund – How Much is TOO Much?

Advice abounds about how everyone needs to have an emergency fund and the golden rule seems to be that you should be holding 6 months’ salary (or spending, if you are able to sock away quite a bit each month).  Living paycheck to paycheck and having no liquid assets at all is a recipe for […]

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6 Reasons You Won’t Go to Finance Hell if You’re Getting a Tax Refund This Year

There are a select few articles that get republished year in and year out that start to become “gospel” in the personal finance world.  With tax time approaching, you’re going to see several writers and talking heads on television chastise you for the “free loan” you gave the US government this year if you’re receiving […]

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What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

I hear the phrase “Financial Freedom” batted around like it’s goin’ outta style.  Scammy multi-level marketing outfits tout financial freedom, mutual fund and money management companies refer to it, magazine covers…it’s everywhere.  I guess Financial Freedom means a lot of things depending on who it is you’re asking.  The problem with advertising that phrase is […]

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