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Is a Security System Worth It? It Depends

Last night was one of those nights I wish I had a security system.  I’m a light sleeper to begin with, but when I hear a huge bang in the house, I spring out of bed, fists clenched ready to take on the invisible intruder.  This happens about once a month and it drives me […]

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Stolen Driver’s License? How to Protect Your Identity and Credit

The other day, my wife was at the town pool with the kids (for the first time ironically), and she had her Driver’s License stolen out of her beach bag, presumably because it was in a plastic bag with a few bucks.  She had her guard down because she was sitting with other moms she […]

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With Rates This Low, Should You be Borrowing to Invest?

I read a rather controversial article recently in the Wall Street Journal aptly entitled “Leverage Baby!” outlining the case for taking on debt to invest it at a higher rate.  The main premise of the article was that now may be an optimal time to actually take out loans at extremely low interest rates, use […]

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Extra Income vs. Saving Money – Have You Considered Everything?

I’m sometimes confronted with various options for either making additional money or saving money by doing something myself, and I then need to reconcile that with my available time.  Add to that mix the financial benefits net of expenses and taxes and before you know it, it’s become a little more involved than just gross […]

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Harvesting Our Own Food for Health, Fun and Savings

This weekend, the family went strawberry picking at a local organic farm.  We also started a small garden last week at home.  While eating organic, local farming, home gardening, sustainable foot, etc. seem like trendy fads these days, we’ve been giving these ideas a try and we like the experience and the results. How to […]

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The Cost of Revenge is Staggering: A Tale of Divorce and Financial Ruin

Sometimes I’m amazed by what people do to each other – and their children.  What started off as a somewhat typical occurrence in American culture (sadly) resulted in the complete ruination of a family’s future due to poor choices and impulsive behavior.  I bumped in to an old friend of mine the other day and […]

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Is it a Gold Bubble When You can Cash in Gold at Sears and KMart?

If last week’s story on how you could now extract gold coins from an ATM in Dubai didn’t hint at a gold bubble, and tonight’s rant by Jim Cramer about 6 reasons to buy gold (now, that’s a timely call 2 years into the run!) how about when cash-for-gold stands start popping up in big-box […]

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The Common Thread Between the Housing Collapse, the Euro Crisis and Millions of Americans – Debt

It’s amazing when you think of it.  Virtually every major financial crisis of late has involved some sort of issue with debt.  And there are millions of financial crises brewing in American households too: The US housing market collapsed precipitously.  No, not because Goldman Sachs sold a complex derivative to European clients which is garnering […]

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Is Putting in a Swimming Pool Worth It?

It’s that time of year again where the weather’s getting nice and the pool parties are starting.  We just went to our first one of the year and as always, my wife says, “Boy the kids would love a pool.  We have the room.  Would it be crazy if we did a pool?”  In years […]

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