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Kids and Money

How Did Childhood Jobs Influence Your Current Financial Situation?

My wife and I were talking about teaching our kids about money the other day and she mentioned how entrepreneurial our 5 year old seems.  I haven’t really started to talk to the kids about money too much other than the piggybank 50/50 save/spend thing which will eventually become a bit more structured.  However, this […]

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10 Highest Paying Degrees 2011 – Best Majors in Demand Now

The top 10 highest paying majors numbers are out from the National Association of Colleges and Employers and it’s a very interesting mix.  The top slots are all very similar to the highest paying majors from the 2009 salary survey with some minor annual increases.  The bottom of the list changed a bit.  What I […]

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Is Paying Kids for Good Grades Wrong?

I watched an inspiring 60 Minutes episode on the Canada Harlem Children’s Zone project whereby several blocks of a blighted section of Harlem were transformed into a safe area spanning many blocks and the charter schools within were staffed and run completely differently than the NYC public schools.  The program employs very innovative techniques and […]

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