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Learnings from Advanta High Yield Notes: Investors to Get 38 cents on the Dollar

After some prolonged legal proceedings following Advanta’s collapse, there’s a new settlement whereby investors in their high yield notes will get 38% of the money owed.  This follows months of warnings (April 2009, May 2009, Jun 2009 and then…boom!) from me highlighting that as the company continued to blow more and more money on ads […]

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Check Out These Interesting Financial Products and Deals

There are some neat new sites, services and deals out there that can either boost your bottom line with minimal effort or flat out provide entertainment value with no discernible benefit.  Here are a few in no particular order: Blippy – Blippy is perhaps one of the strangest new services I’ve seen this year.  I […]

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Business Development Companies – Excellent Overlooked Investment Strategy

A Business Development Company (BDC) is a niche investment category that even many high yield investors don’t have much familiarity with.  While the large banks, energy trusts and real estate investment trusts (REITs) are widely known for their high yields, the Business Development Company opportunity goes widely unnoticed.  Not familiar with BDCs?  Well, think of […]

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Advanta 11% Yield Investment Notes – Going, Going, Gone!

Advanta had been plastering their ads for high yield investment notes paying as high as 11% throughout my local paper and elsewhere for the past several months and I’d decided to investigate a bit further.  Given the low interest rate environment we’re in and my presumption that any company offering such a premium over market […]

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Review: Flex CD Offers High Yield if the Dollar Tanks Against BRIC Currencies

The Flex CD (MarketSafe BRIC) offered by Everbank is a unique financial innovation for this low interest rate environment with an ever weakening US Dollar in terms of foreign currencies.  Everbank offers a flex CD they refer to as the BRIC MarketSafe CD.  Basically, if the US Dollar strengthens against the currencies of the BRIC […]

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14 High Yield Large Caps with Steady Dividends

In an effort to highlight the dearth of available blue chip organizations with high market capitalization providing investors with a high yield dividend payout as a result of the recent market downturn, I’ve captured the stocks with Market Capitalization of over $25 Billion that yield at least 5%.   This data is current as of 8/6/09.  […]

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Ally Bank’s Yields “Too High” Says Competition…and No-Penalty CDs

The head of the American Banker’s Association complained in this letter to Sheila Bair, Chairman of the FDIC, that Ally Bank’s CD rates and savings rates were too high.  They find it to be “egregious” that this former GMAC bank is offering such tantalizing rates given the government stake in GM.  While the trade group […]

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15 High Yield Corporate Bonds Raising Eyebrows

With corporate bonds slowly emerging from Depression-era pricing scenarios, there are still bargains out there in 2009 with many household names providing high yield income with seemingly manageable risk.  In reviewing the hundreds of high yield corporate bonds yielding over 8% (I chose this yield since it is roughly what stocks return over long time […]

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