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Stockpicker Investing is Gambling Says Vanguard Icon

I read with interest some statements from Vanguard founder and former CEO John Bogle, comparing individual stock and bond picking as an investment method to gambling.  While he doesn’t shy away from courting controversy and usually touts Vanguard’s flagship low-fee funds and ETFs over individual stock-picking due to performance and fees, this is the first time […]

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2009 Stock Market Returns by Country YTD

While historical stock market returns are no guarantee of future results, it is instructive to evaluate which stock markets are holding up in the current economic downturn/hobbled recovery close to the mid-point of 2009 (UPDATE: See Full-Year 2009 Market Returns).   We certainly saw our share of shocking 2008 market events and 2009 portends to […]

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The Riskiest ETFs on Earth – 3X Sector ETF Short/Long

The 3X Index ETFs from Direxion have been all the rage since they launched and picked up traction on the heels of the Proshares 2X Index ETFs of yesteryear, going Long or Short various indices as outlined below.  For the uninitiated, you can now get triple the return of say, an energy ETF or emerging […]

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Swine Flu Investment Ideas

On Sunday, the US declared the Swine Flu as a public health emergency in the US, which inevitably will leave traders and investors wondering whether there are some swine flu stocks and investment ideas that make sense now.  This article is not meant to trivialize or denigrate the people impacted, but rather, simply provide some […]

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How to Invest in Cuba – Does Obama’s Cuba Deal Spell Gains?

Following the Obama administration’s projected removal of Cuba travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans to Cuba, the allowance of Cuban money transfers, and easing the commercial embargo by allowing U.S. telecoms to apply for licenses to operate in there, Cuba vacations may become a common phrase in the American lexicon.  While it’s premature to declare a complete […]

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Colombia ETF – A Return to Supercharged Frontier Market Returns?

The Colombia Stock Market can now be harnessed through an ETF looking to capitalize on the emerging market trends and the prospect of Colombia business exports continuing to improve.  The The Global X/InterBolsa FTSE Colombia 20 ETF (Colombia ETF Ticker GXG).  Until now, if you wanted to own any Colombia stock, your sole option was […]

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Hedge Fund ETF – Will the Performance Live up to the Hype?

While most hedge funds have taken it on the chin during the economic downturn almost as badly as equity bourses, it was only a matter of time before a Hedge Fund ETF was launched.  I just watched an interview with the CEO of IndexIQ on Bloomberg.  This is the first launch and apparently, it performed […]

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Gold ETN GOE up 421% in 1 Month – What Gives?

There’s no doubt that Gold’s been hot, to the tune of 16% up in the past month.  However, even the most ambitious leveraged ETF can deliver a 2X return on gold prices via (UGL).  In order to obtain a 421% return on GOE during this timeframe on an ETF/ETN, you’d be talking a leverage factor […]

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Is Now the Time to Short US Treasuries?

How to Short US Treasuries will likely become the “idea du jour” as the year progresses, especially if market conditions start to improve or if inflation returns to even average levels.  With new alternative investment instruments allowing for easy inclusion in this process of going short Treasury bonds, everyday investors will have access to this strategy […]

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