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Should the US Adopt a “Bonus Tax” Like Europe is Enacting?

I was rather dismayed but not surprised when I saw the news that the United Kingdom was enacting a “bonus tax” which is to be a one-time tax on bonuses of bankers in excess of $40,000.  As the circus spread its influence, France signaled that it will enact a similar policy and Germany’s chancellor referred […]

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The Gold-Dollar Correlation Explained and Why it Broke Down

Last week, I had posted on how the euphoric gold hype was really just a proxy for a weak dollar investment and there are more highly correlated and efficient means to exploit currency changes than buying an anachronistic, useless metal.  Additionally, there’s talk of a dollar crisis and what it portends for commodity prices.  When […]

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Could the US Dollar be Replaced as the World’s Reserve Currency? What it Would Mean

Could a basket of currencies and gold replace the US Dollar as the primary reserve currency globally? That’s a question that’s been batted around for a while, usually amongst fringe naysayers and ranting leaders of Venezuela and middle east regions.  However, I read with interest this article from the Independent UK that rival countries were […]

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Gold Hype? You’re Being Taken for a Ride

There’s been much fanfare made of gold breaking an all-time high in US Dollar terms, even though the dollar has declined precipitously against virtually every foreign currency (so it’s not really appreciating that much in terms of other global currencies), but the trend is your friend and if you’re a momentum trader or fear inflation […]

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How Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the Most Basic Laws of Physics

As a physical sciences and astrophysics buff, I was struck by the irony in some of man’s greatest and most enigmatic physical laws in contrast to some of the dumbest behavior imaginable by Wall street, politicians and main street for that matter.  I couldn’t help but compare some of the most famous physical laws we’ve […]

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Best Currency ETF Plays to Exploit Weak Dollar Trend

Currency ETFs are starting to gain favor with retail investors as both a hedge to the weak dollar trend that has resumed since the flight to safety during the recent financial crisis, as well as for speculation.  While many individual investors are intimidated by setting up a Forex market trading account, there are several US […]

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Corporate Pension Plan Shortfall – The Next Crisis?

US Corporations are walking a thin line with Pension Plan Shortfalls that may well translate into the next global crisis.  Now that the mortgage crisis is behind us (that is, until the next wave of defaults hit due to more interest rate resets and the reconfigured mortgages that fail anyway – and commercial mortgages to […]

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Oil Gas Price Correlation: How to Estimate the Impact of Oil Prices on Your Wallet

Have you ever wondered what would happen to gas prices if oil prices skyrocketed to $200 as Goldman Sachs had predicated last year, or if oil prices plummeted to $20?  It’s not easy to discern the oil-gas price correlation since there are other factors at play ranging from refining and distribution to taxes.  Therefore, the […]

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Minimum Wage Increase Coming – Is it Right?

Bringing up the validity or fairness of the minimum wage is always a surefire way to stir up some controversy.  With the new federal minimum wage set to increase to $7.25 an hour later this month in July 2009, 29 states are going to be affected in the midst of a severe recession.  Economic woes […]

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