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2011 Average Raise – Will Raises Stink Like Last Year?

With equities markets amazingly breaching prior highs already and unemployment slowing dropping to 9% with projections of 8% by year-end, the data is indicating we are firmly in a recovery now.  But it still just doesn’t “feel” like that.  The mood is somber, employees are still feeling like they’re on the verge of a pink […]

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Best Places to Work 2011

The Best Places to Work is out from Fortune for the year 2011 (source).  Given the time of year when many college seniors are thinking about future employers and looking to land their first job, while college freshmen and sophomores are looking to finalize their major specialization (see this list of the Best College Majors […]

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Jobless Rate Drops to 9.4% – But What’s the REAL Deal?

I don’t mean to be a perpetual party-pooper here, but the headline number for unemployment looks good today – better, at 9.4%.  So, why didn’t stocks rally on the news?  Why aren’t people exuberantly rejoicing in the streets?  The reason is the way the unemployment number is calculated.  What actually helps this number is when […]

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Breaking: Obama Announces Deal on Taxes, Unemployment, Credits and More

President Obama announced “framework” details on the deal being ironed out between both parties to satisfy pretty much everyone.  Everyone’s gonna get their tax cuts, the unemployed will be assured of an extension, estate taxes will not revert to the old rates and more.  Here are some details for each provision: Tax Rates -There will […]

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Renters Subsidize Homeowners with Tax Deduction? Think Again

With all the class warfare rhetoric of late, a popular “subsidy” to knock of late is the mortgage interest tax deduction.  One of the largest constituents arguing for removal of this tax deduction is of course – renters.  See renters often cite the notion that they are in effect subsidizing homeowners by way to the […]

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The Ireland Crisis and What It Means to the World

Presently, we’re seeing a crisis unfolding in Europe somewhat similar to what we saw with Greece earlier this year.  Markets have lost confidence that Ireland will be able to continue to fulfill its debt obligations (as measured by spiking yields on sovereign debt) and thus, it is looking as though it is a forgone conclusion […]

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Should Congress Extend Unemployment Benefits – Again?

One of the first things the new Congress is going to have to wrestle with is another extension of unemployment benefits.  Presently, about 2 million workers are going to see their benefits expire if Congress doesn’t act in the next few weeks.  Termed “the 99ers”, this cohort has exhausted the 26 weeks funded by the […]

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Who Would Make the Best Use of $Billions – Bill Gates or US Govt?

As the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”, with the recent announcement that several billionaires will end up donating much of their wealth to philanthropy before they die rather than passing it on to heirs (along with a substantial portion to US coffers by way of the estate tax), many prominent Europeans are coming […]

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Social Security Tipping Point in 2010 – IN THE RED

Social Security will actually pay out more benefits this year than it will take in which is a pretty shocking wakeup call.  While I’d been hearing about skepticism over the solvency of Social Security ever since I was a little kid, 2010 marks a year when the payouts don’t match the intake and given our […]

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