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Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer

There’s a recent headline making the rounds of late showing that the rich keep getting richer while the rest either tread water or fall behind.  Consider this recent report by Pew Research and I’ll share my thoughts below: During the first two years of the nation’s economic recovery, the mean net worth of households in […]

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How Obama Goosed the Jobs Numbers and Why It’s Much Worse Than Media Portrayals

As long as I can remember, people have always complained about the accuracy of government-reported statistics and claims.  For instance, every year, the government reports that the measure generally regarded as a barometer for inflation everyday Americans face, the CPI, is always much lower than people feel they’re experiencing in their everyday lives.  Sure, while […]

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Manufacturing: What It’s Like to Work in a Factory, Why Jobs Are Leaving the US, and Trends

Now that the election’s over, we can stop debating tax rates, repealing Obamacare and whether Mitt’s dog rode on the roof of his car.  Aside from  gun laws  now – which DO require serious consideration, the other key issue both Americans and politicians should be focusing on is job creation.  One of the key sectors […]

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The Election and the Stock Market

With the US Presidential election just weeks away, by now, you’re likely being bombarded with not only ads, but also, pundits surmising what a win or either candidate will do for various stocks, sectors or the stock market in general.  While seeking to silence my own personal bias (although admittedly, I am relatively agnostic on […]

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The Fiscal Cliff is Looming! You Should Just Yawn. Here’s Why

You’ve surely heard the term by now, but the premise of the fiscal cliff is that there are several different parts of the tax code expiring and spending cuts set to kick in first thing next year. Conveniently, this occurs right AFTER the next presidential election, so we have to pretty much vote on faith […]

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What is the Financial Threshold that Compels People to Steal Ridiculous Stuff?

Each time we see gas prices start to move up around $3.50 nationally and higher, the utterly moronic stories start to surface about people siphoning gas out of cars and other seemingly ridiculous thefts.  Here are some gems on the topic: Yes, there is actually a website dedicated solely to gas theft  Incredible. The […]

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Everything on Earth Should Have Variable Pricing

I was reading a story the other day about how utility companies are starting to put “smart-meters” on the homes of Americans, in many cases against their will.  See, the power grid isn’t very good at “storing” energy, so during the day when businesses are buzzing and everyone’s running their central air units, that energy […]

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The Inflation Conspiracy? EAT ME

CBSMoneyWatch published a piece of screed this week on the Inflation Conspiracy pretty much mocking and patronizing people who question the value or validity of the government’s official measure of inflation.  The author somewhat misrepresents the intent of mainstream inflation critics by saying they “believe that somehow there’s an inflation conspiracy going on, and the […]

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Outsourcing is Good. It’s Here to Stay. Accept It

Outsourcing has always had a negative connotation in the US.  It immediately conjures up images of hard-working Americans out of work because some “foreigner” is willing to do the same job for less.  Not only is this a closet xenophopic reaction, but it is economically naive.  Societies are best-served when their assets and resources are […]

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