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Should I Use the Energy Tax Credit for a New Central Air Unit?

Since I’m always looking to make sound investments with a favorable return on investment to optimize our family’s cash flow, I’ve been considering having a new Central Air unit installed.  There’s an energy tax credit (IRS Link) that expires at the end of this year that allows for a full 30% credit on the purchase […]

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OptionsHouse 100 Free Trades – $2.95 from There

OptionsHouse has a pretty crazy signup offer right now, and insane pricing thereafter.  If you sign up between now and April 30, 2010, you can get 100 Free Trades by entering the code FREE100 at signup.  OptionsHouse was ranked by Barron’s #1 in Trade Experience so they’re no slouch either. The pricing is really something […]

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Check Out These Interesting Financial Products and Deals

There are some neat new sites, services and deals out there that can either boost your bottom line with minimal effort or flat out provide entertainment value with no discernible benefit.  Here are a few in no particular order: Blippy – Blippy is perhaps one of the strangest new services I’ve seen this year.  I […]

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Why Pay High Credit Card Interest Rates with Low Rate Alternatives Out There?

Given the current economic environment, historical spending patterns and myriad other causes, millions of Americans are faced with mounting high interest rate credit card debt each month because the rate they’re paying on existing credit card accounts is at exorbitant rates of 20%-30%. While the most obvious alternative would be to pay down credit card […]

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How I Saved 44% on my Comcast Bill-Chat Transcript ($1104 per Year)

The overriding theme of this post is to demonstrate that for ANY utility (Comcast Bill in my case) you pay where there is ANY competition in the area, you can likely employ some very simple techniques to achieve significant savings, leading to hundreds of dollars annually.  In this case, we have a pretty intense Comcast […]

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$100 Signup Bonus at OptionsExpress Now!

There’s an impressive campaign going on now at optionsXpress whereby you can get a $100 signup bonus by simply opening a new account with a minimum of $500 by December 31, and make a minimum of 3 trades over the course of the following 12 months. How’s a 20% ROI over a month or so […]

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Cash for Appliances Details Emerging – State by State

Cash for Appliances, the son of Cash for Clunkers, (and now, the father of cash for caulkers) is a more widely diverse state by state stimulus program whereby consumers can enjoy rebates up to a few hundred dollars while obtaining assistance on disposal of old appliances like refrigerators in some states.  The problem is, there […]

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Ally Bank’s Yields “Too High” Says Competition…and No-Penalty CDs

The head of the American Banker’s Association complained in this letter to Sheila Bair, Chairman of the FDIC, that Ally Bank’s CD rates and savings rates were too high.  They find it to be “egregious” that this former GMAC bank is offering such tantalizing rates given the government stake in GM.  While the trade group […]

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$Million+ House for $10 Raffle – Don’t forget the Taxes!

As reported by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, a Fort Lauderdale couple has decided that since their house that they purchased for $2.35 Million in 2005 isn’t selling, the next best thing to do is to raffle it off.  They’re intending on raffling off 300,000 tickets for $10 each.  It’s a pretty sweet looking house […]

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