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Green-Speak from Companies – What’s in it for Consumers?

I logged into my AT&T account the other day (forced customer due to iPhone) and there was a prompt asking if I wanted paperless billing.  I’ve been receiving multiple notices from other companies I pay bills too as well (in some cases, they actually send a paper notice telling me about it separate from my […]

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Gold Hype? You’re Being Taken for a Ride

There’s been much fanfare made of gold breaking an all-time high in US Dollar terms, even though the dollar has declined precipitously against virtually every foreign currency (so it’s not really appreciating that much in terms of other global currencies), but the trend is your friend and if you’re a momentum trader or fear inflation […]

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How Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the Most Basic Laws of Physics

As a physical sciences and astrophysics buff, I was struck by the irony in some of man’s greatest and most enigmatic physical laws in contrast to some of the dumbest behavior imaginable by Wall street, politicians and main street for that matter.  I couldn’t help but compare some of the most famous physical laws we’ve […]

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Haverhill Home Staging Course – Have You Been Had?

So, I had posted about this Haverhill Home Staging course at Everyday Finance regarding the frustrating experience that people are citing and the comments are coming in every few days from irate people that feel that it’s a Haverhill Home Staging Scam.  If you haven’t seen the commercials, evidently, they advertise routinely on HGTV touting […]

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Lazy Portfolios Beat the S&P – but Claims are Bogus and Deceiving

Marketwatch continues to post on Paul Farrell’s “Lazy Portfolios” that purport to “whip” the S&P500.  While the premise of diversification and passive long term retirement investing is a good one, the claims of whippage are a bit overdone in my opinion and may lull naive investors into complacency when they should be scrutinizing their investments […]

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Minimum Wage Increase Coming – Is it Right?

Bringing up the validity or fairness of the minimum wage is always a surefire way to stir up some controversy.  With the new federal minimum wage set to increase to $7.25 an hour later this month in July 2009, 29 states are going to be affected in the midst of a severe recession.  Economic woes […]

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Going Out of Business Sales a Scam or Worthwhile?

When I drove past the guy dressed as a chicken waiving a sign touting a “Going out of Business Sale” at a local furniture shop for 6 months straight, I started to wonder, “how long does it take for this place to actually go the heck out of business?”.  I was also thinking about whether […]

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10 Ways to be Annoying at Work and Ruin your Career

After spending some time in corporate America in roles ranging from the trenches in manufacturing to the cube farms in corporate to running international teams for projects, there are probably hundreds of annoying behaviors I’ve witnessed (and admittedly, a few that I’ve exhibited and learned from as well) that are worth mentioning.  Here are ten […]

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Is Shop To Earn a Scam or Legit Business Opportunity?

The intent of this Shop To Earn review is to perform a 2009 update on the ShoptoEarn/ShoptoEarth business model, share my unfavorable experiences and those of friends/visitors to my blogs (favorable or unfavorable experience) and to revisit what’s changed at STE since my last posts in mid-2008.  I was initially approached about joining Shop to […]

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