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Beware Default from These 6 Doomed States (Yes, US States)

Fortune ran an insightful article on 6 states that are in dire straights given their unsustainable debt load and dim prospects for recovery.  Based on several key metrics, it would be wise to avoid buying municipal bonds or muni bond ETFs that carry a high portion of debt from the states outlined below: California Arizona […]

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$3,000 Cash for Caulkers Details Revealed

Cash for Caulkers has been rumored to be coming for some time now, but this week, the administration finally unveiled more details on the rebate plan meant to further stimulate the economy. Following the much maligned and fraud-ridden new home buyer tax credits, cash for clunkers and the impending cash for appliances programs, the administration […]

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Bragging Rights – Have You Considered the Context?

I often hear people bragging about personal or company accomplishments with data.  Data is truth, right?  Well, it depends on how it’s presented – what the context is.  Here are some examples: The CEO – I heard a CEO bragging on CNBC about a 60% return from the March lows so the company must be […]

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Your Wife’s a Gold-Digger – Is She Evil or Just a Forward Thinking Strategist?

The term gold-digger immediately elicits a pronounced response: revulsion.  A woman who latches onto a guy (usually; other scenarios apply of course) solely due to his existing or perceived future wealth.  Regardless of what she thinks of this man as a person, she has one focus – money.  Well, what about a “rational/moderate gold-digger”? photo […]

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Why Do We Demonize Outsourcing?

I read with interest a rather lengthy and angry comment chain on this recent post from Get Rich Slowly, one of my favorite blogs.  Essentially, a guest poster highlighted how she’s outsourced several things in her life that most of us do ourselves ranging from cooking to virtual assistants.  I can understand how most people […]

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The REAL Reason Why the US Should Wait Generations Before Drilling

“Drill-baby-Drill” was the mantra of Sarah Palin’s speeches when she had all that momentum leading up to the dreaded Katie Couric interview where it became evident she was quite clueless in virtually every aspect of foreign policy, governance, finances and energy.  Alaska being well-known for little else brought drilling back to the national spotlight and […]

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – Charitable Giving

When I was a kid, I remember listening to my Dad come home from work and frustratingly relay a story to my mom. For whatever reason, the story stuck with me and I continue to see similar behavior from people that should know better – or if they don’t know better, they should shut their […]

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My Scammy Online Ticket Purchase Experience – What to Watch For

So my kid likes weird stuff.  He proclaimed that he’s “so over fiction” and he only likes science.  He’s 5.  A bit odd for his age, but I’ll go with it.  So, I decided I’d take him to a Body Worlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  As usual, they coerce you into buying […]

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Whistleblower Dilemma: Would You Do 3 Years in Prison for $20 Million?

There are few things people won’t do for money.  Would prison be one of them for you?  What if a multimillion dollar payday awaited your return?  That’s the exact situation faced by a UBS Securities whistleblower who unveiled the Swiss banking secrets that have been guarded for decades.  While he may not have known going […]

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