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The Cost of Revenge is Staggering: A Tale of Divorce and Financial Ruin

Sometimes I’m amazed by what people do to each other – and their children.  What started off as a somewhat typical occurrence in American culture (sadly) resulted in the complete ruination of a family’s future due to poor choices and impulsive behavior.  I bumped in to an old friend of mine the other day and […]

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Is it a Gold Bubble When You can Cash in Gold at Sears and KMart?

If last week’s story on how you could now extract gold coins from an ATM in Dubai didn’t hint at a gold bubble, and tonight’s rant by Jim Cramer about 6 reasons to buy gold (now, that’s a timely call 2 years into the run!) how about when cash-for-gold stands start popping up in big-box […]

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3 Lessons I Learned from the Greek Riots and Market Panic

The World is a Very Small Place As the New York Times so eloquently envisioned in the Web of Debt infographic, as Greece goes, so does the rest of Europe due to the incestuous relationships of virtually every large bank.  And lest we don’t forget, much of Europe, and the rest of the world for […]

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Greece Looking To Sell Bonds to US Investors – Are You Kidding?

The Greek economy appears to be very much the welfare state to me.  I don’t see innovation and exports coming out of Greece, but I see a lot of public union strikes over their insistence that excessive pay, pensions and subsidies continue as if they live in a complete vacuum. Since Europeans have lost their […]

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How Stupid (Or Lazy) Do They Think I Am?

This month, my Comcast bill came in $10 higher than my previously negotiated 44% Discount.  If you followed that ordeal, I posted (copy/paste) an entire online chat session with a Comcast rep on how I saved 44% on my Comcast bill by threatening to leave for Verizon FIOS.  Well, this month for some reason, the […]

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The Crap We Buy Our Kids Equates to $100,000 at 21 Years Old

photo credit: Kate Penn | Bay City Times A buddy of mine mentioned an interview he saw with the author of a new book The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-and a Vision for Change.  The premise is that Americans spend way more time […]

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The SEC Likes Porn in the Office – Share Your Ridiculous Work Stories

Why doesn’t it surprise me that the SEC ignored Bernie Madoff?  They were too busy looking at PORN!?! According to this outrageous report, the practice is pretty pervasive at the Securities and Exchange Commission – and the consequences aren’t always very stern. This reminds me of some stories I’d heard about employees engaged in rather […]

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Doing a Tax Refund Loan? Ask Yourself This 1 Question

Have you or would you ever take out a Payday Loan? You know, those loans that charge exorbitant interest rates to desperate people that can’t wait for their next “payday” so they need the loan today? If you answer no, then Why On Earth would you fall for a Tax Refund Loans or “Refund Anticipation […]

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What’s wrong With THIS Health Care Reform

With a major hurdle cleared this weekend in the Health Care Reform efforts, much attention has been focused on how it’s “historic” and how many people are now going to have healthcare and somehow topics of abortion and and other seemingly tangential issues became deciding factors in who would vote for it.  There has been […]

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