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Who Would Make the Best Use of $Billions – Bill Gates or US Govt?

As the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”, with the recent announcement that several billionaires will end up donating much of their wealth to philanthropy before they die rather than passing it on to heirs (along with a substantial portion to US coffers by way of the estate tax), many prominent Europeans are coming […]

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For-Profit College Scams – Really Think Before Enrolling

The GAO released a damning study of the for-profit college industry which showed outright lying and deceptive tactics by personnel in order to dupe prospective students into enrolling in their programs when it was questionable as to whether doing so was in their best interest.  Many of the personnel used high pressure sales tactics and […]

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Social Security Tipping Point in 2010 – IN THE RED

Social Security will actually pay out more benefits this year than it will take in which is a pretty shocking wakeup call.  While I’d been hearing about skepticism over the solvency of Social Security ever since I was a little kid, 2010 marks a year when the payouts don’t match the intake and given our […]

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Charitable Contributions – Avoid being Ripped Off

While people mean well by donating money to seemingly noble causes, often times that money ends up being eaten up by administrative costs, waste, or outright fraud.  The other day, I came home from work and my wife was at the door with a teenage kid holding a clipboard talking about clean water and pollution […]

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Elliott Wave: Dow 1,000 Here We Come?

There are often obscenely optimistic, pessimistic or outright ridiculous titles to get clicks in major financial outlets and the vast majority of the time it’s complete bunk.  From the book Dow 36,000 to predictions of gold prices at astronomical levels, it’s a game of one-upmanship to see who can devise the most outrageous theorem and […]

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Stolen Driver’s License? How to Protect Your Identity and Credit

The other day, my wife was at the town pool with the kids (for the first time ironically), and she had her Driver’s License stolen out of her beach bag, presumably because it was in a plastic bag with a few bucks.  She had her guard down because she was sitting with other moms she […]

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With Rates This Low, Should You be Borrowing to Invest?

I read a rather controversial article recently in the Wall Street Journal aptly entitled “Leverage Baby!” outlining the case for taking on debt to invest it at a higher rate.  The main premise of the article was that now may be an optimal time to actually take out loans at extremely low interest rates, use […]

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Billion Dollar Inheritance: Heirs Pay NO Tax – Right or Wrong?

There was an interesting new item the other day (here) on a Billionaire that was able to bequeath his entire fortune of 9 Billions dollars to his heirs and they got to keep it all – not one red cent went to the taxpayers.  This is all possible by the “luck” (if you’d call it […]

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Should BP Fold and Suspend Dividend Payments to Shareholders?

There is a growing chorus of angry groups calling on BP to suspend its dividend payments to shareholders until this whole matter is settled and all parties affected are made whole, however that is ultimately determined.  As any cause that has a tinge of populist support, politicians jump on the bandwagon.  So, now various members […]

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