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Is It Something I Said?

The other night I had one of those moments where I felt I needed to write a post about the experience.  It’s about women and money.  And attitudes and feminism.  All mixed into a brief conversation. Here we go: My wife asked me to stop by the gym where our kids are taking a class […]

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Americans Scooping Up Doomsday Shelters – The Illogical “Recency Effect”

You’ve gotta love Americans.  Leading up to Y2K, gun sales and bomb shelters were through the roof.  After 9/11 we were buying parachutes for jumping out of buildings.  When it was evident Obama would win the election, gun sales skyrocketed over fears the government would begin confiscating guns.  Californians have cleared the shelves of Iodine […]

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2011 Average Raise – Will Raises Stink Like Last Year?

With equities markets amazingly breaching prior highs already and unemployment slowing dropping to 9% with projections of 8% by year-end, the data is indicating we are firmly in a recovery now.  But it still just doesn’t “feel” like that.  The mood is somber, employees are still feeling like they’re on the verge of a pink […]

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Winning the Lottery Brings Misery, Loss, and Death – Why Bother?

We often wish for things that we probably shouldn’t.  I remember in middle school we were studying the middle ages and our teacher went off on a tangent about how little girls all say they want to be a Princess but what a horrible life it was.  After all, Disney has about a dozen movies […]

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Jobless Rate Drops to 9.4% – But What’s the REAL Deal?

I don’t mean to be a perpetual party-pooper here, but the headline number for unemployment looks good today – better, at 9.4%.  So, why didn’t stocks rally on the news?  Why aren’t people exuberantly rejoicing in the streets?  The reason is the way the unemployment number is calculated.  What actually helps this number is when […]

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Paying for Christmas Light Hanging Service? Absurd

You’ve probably heard about the services that will hang Christmas lights on your house for you each year for a fee.  I knew the services were out there but never actually knew anyone that used one, nor did I contemplate what the service would cost.  I figure regular able-bodied people either hang the lights themselves […]

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Renters Subsidize Homeowners with Tax Deduction? Think Again

With all the class warfare rhetoric of late, a popular “subsidy” to knock of late is the mortgage interest tax deduction.  One of the largest constituents arguing for removal of this tax deduction is of course – renters.  See renters often cite the notion that they are in effect subsidizing homeowners by way to the […]

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Should Congress Extend Unemployment Benefits – Again?

One of the first things the new Congress is going to have to wrestle with is another extension of unemployment benefits.  Presently, about 2 million workers are going to see their benefits expire if Congress doesn’t act in the next few weeks.  Termed “the 99ers”, this cohort has exhausted the 26 weeks funded by the […]

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Store Theft Will Cost You $423 This Year…and Other Hidden Costs in Life

According to a recent Global Retail Theft Barometer (report), Americans will shell out an additional $423 per family this year to account for the theft that occurs throughout the supply chain in various retail shopping segments.  This number for America is higher than the $186 global average, but I guess that shouldn’t come as a […]

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