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Does Switching Wall Street Compensation to Stock Really Decrease Risk-Taking?

With all the public ire over Wall Street compensation and the public inquiry occurring this week demanding the heads of the major Wall Street banks testify (oddly, they’re grilling the heads of firms that survived rather than the ones that failed), one key theme has been Wall Street compensation. Politicians are grilling executives over compensation […]

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25 Best Personal Finance, Investing & Career Posts of 2009

After sharing the best posts from around the blogosphere in Personal Finance and Investing with yesterday’s Carnival of Personal Finance I realized I didn’t do a look-back at 2009 from Darwin’s Finance.  In this list you’ll find thousands of dollars in money saving tips, career boosters, investing tricks and tax deduction ideas you may have […]

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Why I Passed on a 90% Pay Increase – What’s Your Price?

The other day, I was contacted by a headhunter (everyone calls themselves an “executive recruiter” these days even though I’m nowhere near an executive level position) with a very attractive proposition.  He had a position that was roughly aligned with my current role and prior experience with another large bio-pharma where the total compensation with […]

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Working Long Hours – Is it Worth it?

Whether or not working long hours is worth it is an age old question with no clear answer.  In looking back at my career and that of other friends and colleagues, I’ve seen the full span of hard working people doing the right thing and being rewarded with great career opportunities and advancement to the […]

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Nepotism in the WorkPlace – Are you a Beneficiary? A Facilitator? Or a Casualty?

Nepotism creeps up in all manners in everyday life and in the workplace as well.  Have you ever been asked to get someone a job?  Float their resume around?  To lobby for a particular candidate because it’s someone’s brother, cousin, spouse or friend?  I have.  And it’s always a bit disconcerting to reconcile the different […]

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9 Great Project Management Tools and Tips

After moving from several years of line operations and technical roles in the biopharma industry, then to more business oriented roles in outsourcing and supply chain, I learned a few Project Management Tools and Tips along the way.  While some of these tips may seem pretty obvious and simple to the tenured project manager, to […]

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Are you Efficient? Save Time by Applying Lean Thinking to Everyday Life

I came across this article today on how Starbucks is implementing industrial engineering principles in their workplace.  While they’re calling it something catchy like LEAN Sigma and utilizing some other Toyota nomenclature (a founding father of modern Quality/Efficiency methods), it’s all based on the same principals – efficient work, parallel path vs. critical path activities, […]

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Top 10 College Degrees in 2011 with Massive Demand

Based on the results of the latest report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, it’s evident that from a highest starting salary standpoint, the best college degree to have involves math in one way or another, with Engineering degrees taking the lion share of the top paying jobs upon graduation.  Holding prominent slots […]

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10 Ways to be Annoying at Work and Ruin your Career

After spending some time in corporate America in roles ranging from the trenches in manufacturing to the cube farms in corporate to running international teams for projects, there are probably hundreds of annoying behaviors I’ve witnessed (and admittedly, a few that I’ve exhibited and learned from as well) that are worth mentioning.  Here are ten […]

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