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Study Tips from a Guy Who’s Been Outta College for a Decade

Since I finished my undergrad over a decade ago, I haven’t put my study skills to work recently.  I did an MBA a few years back, but much of that program was based on projects, papers, presentations and team activities, so the past few weeks have been a blast from the past.  Going with the […]

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Yes, A College Degree is Worth It – If Your Major Isn’t Useless

There’s been a lot of griping in recent years that students are graduating with boatloads of debt and they can’t land a job, so they’re questioning the value of their degree.  Between jobless friends, TV pundits and angry bloggers, you’d think the whole college education system was a giant scam.  The confluence of a recession, […]

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Go Interview for a New Job – Even if You Don’t Want It. Here’s Why

You might be very content in your current career situation.  Perhaps you view your job security as relatively high, your pay is fair and you like your work environment.  That’s great!  You’re in a small minority of workers globally right from the start.  However, that whole picture can change dramatically overnight.  Aside from the obvious […]

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Workplace Recognition Goes a Long Way. Take the Time

Employees are feeling nervous and under-appreciated these days.  If they’re not being laid off, they’re thinking about it.  Heck, people are getting fired over 2 cent and for Fantasy Football while they see their 401K Matches disappear.  Companies are cutting back and squeezing every last drop of productivity they can out of their workforce so […]

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Should You Get Your Bonus When Quitting Your Job?

Here’s an interesting one.  One of my friends turned in his two weeks notice early in the year right around bonus time figuring he had put in his time last year, earned a particular level of bonus, and had timed the departure and announcement right.  Boy, was he in for a surprise.  When the topic […]

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Fantasy FootBall Can Get You Fired – Score!

As you fire up your fantasy football leagues for this year, have you considered that you could actually lose your job for participating in this seemingly innocuous bonding exercise with your co-workers?  I was shocked to read an article in this week’s BusinessWeek outlining various stories where employees were brought in, interrogated over their involvement […]

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Fired Over 2 Cents. Where’s the Limit of Reason?

I read a seemingly ridiculous news item today (Reuters) that a company in Germany fired a 19 year employee because he recharged his Segway scooter at work with the company’s electrical outlet and in doing so, consumed the equivalent of 2 cents worth of electricity.  Fortunately for him, a German court reinstated him.  There were […]

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401K Match: Is This Employee Perk Going Away or Coming Back?

The 401(k) match has been something employees like myself just took for granted for decades now.  While the benefit varies company to company, the conventional wisdom had always been to make sure you contribute at least enough to max out the company match since it’s free money.  In essence, if your company provides a 50% […]

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With Bleak Job Market, Should College Students Go Right to Grad School?

Frustratingly, the job market environment is so bleak that many graduating college students are starting to question what to do with their degrees.  The offers are few and far between, the jobs they were targeting have no openings, and the starting salaries aren’t what they anticipated in an environment where even tenured employees are seeing […]

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