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Yahoo’s Work From Home Controversy – Thoughts and Your Opinions

This past week, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer announced a ban on employees working from home.  This, in a culture where many, many employees were used to doing this for years.  Here are a few thoughts on this particular announcement, implications for businesses elsewhere and then I’ll share a few thoughts on my personal experience with […]

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Manufacturing: What It’s Like to Work in a Factory, Why Jobs Are Leaving the US, and Trends

Now that the election’s over, we can stop debating tax rates, repealing Obamacare and whether Mitt’s dog rode on the roof of his car.  Aside from  gun laws  now – which DO require serious consideration, the other key issue both Americans and politicians should be focusing on is job creation.  One of the key sectors […]

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How Ireland is Just Like California (minus the weather)

I was in Ireland earlier this month for a business trip and you learn a lot more from talking to drivers and locals in the pub than you learn from the mainstream media.  Walking around Dublin, I was struck by the sheer volume of signs on every corner criticizing the austerity measures previously agreed to […]

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More Tips and Tricks for Project Managers

A few years back, I wrote an Article for Project Managers which got some pretty good feedback so I thought I’d go back and draw from a few more years of experience in the role and share some more insight.  And by the way, while you may not be a Project Manager by title, virtually […]

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Should Teacher Salaries Be Published for All to See?

The other day, a friend sat down at my wife’s table at a kids’ school function and seemed a bit sad and said, “Well, now that you all know what my husband makes…that’s how my day’s going”.  My wife and the others at the table actually didn’t know what her husband made (until she made […]

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2011 Average Raise – Will Raises Stink Like Last Year?

With equities markets amazingly breaching prior highs already and unemployment slowing dropping to 9% with projections of 8% by year-end, the data is indicating we are firmly in a recovery now.  But it still just doesn’t “feel” like that.  The mood is somber, employees are still feeling like they’re on the verge of a pink […]

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Best Places to Work 2011

The Best Places to Work is out from Fortune for the year 2011 (source).  Given the time of year when many college seniors are thinking about future employers and looking to land their first job, while college freshmen and sophomores are looking to finalize their major specialization (see this list of the Best College Majors […]

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Jobless Rate Drops to 9.4% – But What’s the REAL Deal?

I don’t mean to be a perpetual party-pooper here, but the headline number for unemployment looks good today – better, at 9.4%.  So, why didn’t stocks rally on the news?  Why aren’t people exuberantly rejoicing in the streets?  The reason is the way the unemployment number is calculated.  What actually helps this number is when […]

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Companies are Hiring Overseas – So What Are You Gonna Do About It?

With the typical opening line one can expect from Huffington Post, the author questions why American companies aren’t hiring: “Corporate profits are up. Stock prices are up. So why isn’t anyone hiring? Actually, many American companies are – just maybe not in your town.” They basically write the same article once a week, criticizing US […]

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