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Cool New Top PF Blogs Ranker at Money Crashers

Go over to Money Crashers and check out the Personal Finance Blog Ranker.  It’s the most comprehensive list I’ve seen yet that factors in several different success factors like FeedBurner subscribers, Twitter followers, Alexa rank, Compete rank, Technorati authority, Google PageRank, number of inbound links according to Yahoo, SEOmoz rank, and SEMRush organic search value […]

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25 Best Personal Finance, Investing & Career Posts of 2009

After sharing the best posts from around the blogosphere in Personal Finance and Investing with yesterday’s Carnival of Personal Finance I realized I didn’t do a look-back at 2009 from Darwin’s Finance.  In this list you’ll find thousands of dollars in money saving tips, career boosters, investing tricks and tax deduction ideas you may have […]

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Family Money – Fairness vs. Favoritism in Gifting, Wills and More

Family Money is a sensitive topic to cover, but I think it’s critically important from both an estate planning standpoint and from the standpoint of personal relationships with family members.  Primarily, when it comes to things like wills, gifting, and financial assistance to family members (usually children) there are a complex array of considerations that […]

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9 Money Habits To Live By

Bad habits are tough to break. Fortunately, due to my upbringing, our family’s circumstances, discipline and good luck, I was able to enact some good money habits early on that have set our family up for success now, with contingency built in for unplanned circumstances.  I do believe that there’s a very strong correlation between […]

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Gold Hype? You’re Being Taken for a Ride

There’s been much fanfare made of gold breaking an all-time high in US Dollar terms, even though the dollar has declined precipitously against virtually every foreign currency (so it’s not really appreciating that much in terms of other global currencies), but the trend is your friend and if you’re a momentum trader or fear inflation […]

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How Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the Most Basic Laws of Physics

As a physical sciences and astrophysics buff, I was struck by the irony in some of man’s greatest and most enigmatic physical laws in contrast to some of the dumbest behavior imaginable by Wall street, politicians and main street for that matter.  I couldn’t help but compare some of the most famous physical laws we’ve […]

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Nepotism in the WorkPlace – Are you a Beneficiary? A Facilitator? Or a Casualty?

Nepotism creeps up in all manners in everyday life and in the workplace as well.  Have you ever been asked to get someone a job?  Float their resume around?  To lobby for a particular candidate because it’s someone’s brother, cousin, spouse or friend?  I have.  And it’s always a bit disconcerting to reconcile the different […]

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9 Great Project Management Tools and Tips

After moving from several years of line operations and technical roles in the biopharma industry, then to more business oriented roles in outsourcing and supply chain, I learned a few Project Management Tools and Tips along the way.  While some of these tips may seem pretty obvious and simple to the tenured project manager, to […]

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How do Stock Options Work? Trade Calls and Puts – Part 1

Since I routinely post about stock options trading, investing, hedging and income generation and get the occasional question, “How do Stock Options Work?” or “How to Trade Stock Options“, I figured I’d do a series on the various types of stock options strategies out there (they are numerous!) by starting with the most basic stock […]

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