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Advanta High Yield Notes: 8.5% – 11% Yield Worth the Risk?

I continue to read with interest the advertisements in my local paper for these Advanta high yield investment notes.  Currently, they’re offering a 1 year note at 8.5%, a 2 year note at 10% and a 10 year note at 11%. These are exceedingly high yield investment notes, especially in light of the current low […]

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Hedge Fund ETF – Will the Performance Live up to the Hype?

While most hedge funds have taken it on the chin during the economic downturn almost as badly as equity bourses, it was only a matter of time before a Hedge Fund ETF was launched.  I just watched an interview with the CEO of IndexIQ on Bloomberg.  This is the first launch and apparently, it performed […]

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Intrade Futures and Trades – You’ve Gotta See it to Believe it

I’ve been using Intrade for some time now.  Intrade is essentially a futures platform for the everyday investor (or gambler actually).  I don’t usually equate investing with gambling because when you buy shares of a publicly traded stock, you own part of the company.  However, in this case, with Intrade, you’re buying or selling binary options […]

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Using Google Search Trends to Exploit Market Moves

In thinking about market trends and how demand for goods and services (and hence subsequent share prices) is driven by human psychology, media coverage and herding, a lightbulb went off.  I wondered if there was a correlation or leading indicator in Google search trending for various terms and subsequent share prices.  It’s evident that for […]

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Gold ETN GOE up 421% in 1 Month – What Gives?

There’s no doubt that Gold’s been hot, to the tune of 16% up in the past month.  However, even the most ambitious leveraged ETF can deliver a 2X return on gold prices via (UGL).  In order to obtain a 421% return on GOE during this timeframe on an ETF/ETN, you’d be talking a leverage factor […]

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SuperFund Review – Are the Returns Too “Super” to be True?

After a barrage of commercial television advertisements, I decided to check out what the SuperFund was all about.  Upon seeing the commercial, the name SuperFund jogged some memories of a prior article I read and bam!, it hit me.  I had read about it in this BusinessWeek article years ago.  Perhaps the mental affiliation with a […]

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Is Now the Time to Short US Treasuries?

How to Short US Treasuries will likely become the “idea du jour” as the year progresses, especially if market conditions start to improve or if inflation returns to even average levels.  With new alternative investment instruments allowing for easy inclusion in this process of going short Treasury bonds, everyday investors will have access to this strategy […]

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