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5 Things I Didn’t Know About Being a Landlord Until Now

I haven’t talked about my recent property investment too much, so I thought I’d share a brief background on the investment I made last year and then highlight a few things I wasn’t aware of going in that I wanted to pass on.  Overall, it’s been a net neutral venture financially, but next year is […]

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6 Alternative Investments That May Beat Stocks and Bonds Over the Next Decade

It’s been a while since I did an investing article, so I figured I’d delve back into the world of investing and share some ideas to broaden the investment options you may have previously considered.  Since we’re exposed to “stocks and bonds” continuously through our company-sponsored investment plans, nightly news updates and newspaper business section […]

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With Rates This Low, Should You be Borrowing to Invest?

I read a rather controversial article recently in the Wall Street Journal aptly entitled “Leverage Baby!” outlining the case for taking on debt to invest it at a higher rate.  The main premise of the article was that now may be an optimal time to actually take out loans at extremely low interest rates, use […]

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Is it a Gold Bubble When You can Cash in Gold at Sears and KMart?

If last week’s story on how you could now extract gold coins from an ATM in Dubai didn’t hint at a gold bubble, and tonight’s rant by Jim Cramer about 6 reasons to buy gold (now, that’s a timely call 2 years into the run!) how about when cash-for-gold stands start popping up in big-box […]

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Wish You Invested in the Success of Avatar? Now You Can with Movie Futures Investing

Have you ever just known a much-vaunted movie was going to be a stinker?  Or you picked a gem that turned out to be a huge hit?  Well, now you get a chance to be an industry executive and profit from your wisdom.  In a similar vein to yesterday’s post on How to Invest in […]

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How to Invest in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

The saying “It takes money to make money” seems to manifest itself at every corner.  If you want to become a landlord and exploit the leverage and interest deductions allowed while having someone else pay your rent, you need money for a sizable down payment (unless you fall for the scammy infomercials touting the guy […]

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Check Out These Interesting Financial Products and Deals

There are some neat new sites, services and deals out there that can either boost your bottom line with minimal effort or flat out provide entertainment value with no discernible benefit.  Here are a few in no particular order: Blippy – Blippy is perhaps one of the strangest new services I’ve seen this year.  I […]

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Double-Digit Returns in Any Market – Update 2

It’s been a month since I published Darwin’s Inverse Leveraged Short ETF Strategy and the results are astounding.  In short (no pun intended), since leveraged ETFs lose value over time due to the simple, yet deceptive properties of daily rebalancing, by shorting opposing leveraged ETF pairs simultaneously, in most markets (MOST), you make money by […]

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Darwin’s Inverse Leveraged Short ETF Strategy – Incredible Results Outlined

The time has arrived to finally unveil Darwin’s Inverse Leveraged Short ETF Strategy.  If you’re wondering what it is and why it matters, in a nutshell, it has completely changed the face of trading for me – and it can for you too, if you have the access to the 2X or 3X Leveraged Funds […]

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