Best Weekly Links: March 15, 2009

by Darwin on March 15, 2009

The Best in Weekly Reads from around the blogosphere in Investing, Personal Finance and Blog Carnivals.


Watch those Preferreds – may be slashing dividends as well!

Precious Metals for your portfolio?

Personal Finance/Other

80% Off!

29 Good Reads About Kids And Money

ScamWatch – They’re hot right now!

I’m in agreement with Simple Dollar that you don’t need to be a “financial expert” to dole out useful advice on a blog; in fact, look where many “financial experts” got their clients in the past year! 

Information Arbitrage: Tax Policy Criticism that I agree with!

 5 Tips for Dealing with Job Loss

When Making Millions isn’t enough

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Spotting Social Media Snake-Oil Salesmen

From My Network at EverydayFinance and Darwin’s Finance

Is This the Rebound? A Financials Volatility Play

Net Present Value: Why You Should Use it in Everyday Life

Intrade Futures and Trades – You’ve Gotta See it to Believe it

The Nationalism of America

The Financial Media Makes it up as they Go

Don’t Fall for the High Yield Savings Ad – 6 Rate Reductions in 2 Months!



Carnival of Personal Finance

Money Hacks Carnival

Festival of Stocks

Carnival of Investing Strategies

Recommended Reading – Mar 13, 2009 at Old School Value

Nightly Value Investment Linksat Simoleon Sense

Dividends Value Weekly Links

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