Best Weekly Links: AIG Outrage Edition

by Darwin on March 21, 2009

The Best in Weekly Reads from my favorite blogs in Investing, Personal Finance and Blog Carnivals.

Personal Finance

Teaching kids how to save

Must you report ALL income to the IRS?

Populism in the ecomomy: Careful what you watch for!

Newsweek: Spend – it’s patriotic!

States are wrecking balls for business


The tyranny of investment fees

Note to administration: AIG is your fault!

Alternative Investments: correlation and diversification

Div Investing: Cash is King

Industry Profitability Analysis

Master Limited Partnerships highlighted

From My Network at EverydayFinance and Darwin’s Finance

Is This the Rebound? A Financials Volatility Play

Mortgage Rates Dropping to Record Low – Time to Refinance?

Will Card-Check (Removal of Secret Ballot Union Votes) Kill US Business?

Cramer vs. Steward (unedited version)

Everyday Finance Trading Update: Recovery Edition

If You Thought Americans Suffered This Year…

AIG “Outrage” – Nauseating, Disingenuous and Offensive

Don’t Fall for the High Yield Savings Ad – 6 Rate Reductions in 2 Months!

A WakeUp Call from Foreign Workers in a Flat World


Carnival of Personal Finance

Money Hacks

Investing Strategies



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1 high interest savings March 24, 2009 at 6:40 am

Is there a free web site with professional advices/information on how to build a good credit score and other personal finance advices ?

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