Easy Ways to Find the Best Finance Blogs

by Darwin on February 7, 2010

There are a few ways people like to keep track of their favorite personal finance and investing blogs.  There’s the old fashioned way of just bookmarking a site and visiting when time permits to check out the latest posts.  That’s very inefficient and sooo 2000.

Then, there’s the RSS and Twitter option.  I recommend following both if it’s a site/blogger you like.  For a primer, see this video on how RSS works but basically, it’s like opening a newspaper each day and seeing the title of tens or hundreds of articles from your favorite writes – which can be read in full by clicking a little box (no download delay, article opens up immediately).  Twitter will generally ensure you stay up to date with recent posts and other tidbits the blogger passes along, but if you follow a lot of twitter handles, you’re likely to miss recent posts by your favorite blogs unless you either check your stream incessantly or the blogger does nothing but tweet their own horn – which is not cool.  I might only tweet about a new post once for every 5-8 other tweets sharing info on savings tips, other blog posts I found to be interesting or random stuff nobody else would care about but you may find amusing.

Blog Aggregators

Finally, there are some great blog post aggregation sites.  Basically, you can get the most recent 1-5 post(s) from many bloggers all at once in an easily served up fashion.  In some cases, by just mousing over a title, you can read the first paragraph of each article to see if it’s worth reading in full.  While this isn’t all that different than using say, iGoogle for your RSS feeds, these aggregators will certainly introduce you to new blogs you’ve never heard of.  Also, depending on the aggregation site, you’ll find top blogs ranked by different criteria.  Let’s take a look at a few:

Wisebread Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs List – Well, it’s actually got more than that.  But, this is a massive list with all the top bloggers listed by various stats that you can easily sort – Alexa, RSS, Twitter counts, etc.

Great Nexus – This is a another neat site that has various topics like Investing, Personal Finance, Technology, etc. and there are various mediums presented from recent YouTube Vids to top bloggers.  The most recent 5 posts from bloggers are prominently displayed.

PFBlogs.org – This is a neat blog aggregator that’s been around for a while.  Tons of money bloggers have their most recent posts highlighted here in sequential fashion. However, you can see how many clicks went out for each post and “Friends of PFBlogs” have their posts highlighted more prominently throughout.  Since that’s a paid membership, none of the friends are spammers and they tend to be the more established blogs that participate.

Alltop – Alltop now has hundreds of topics (I linked to Personal Finance).  Similar to Great Nexus, you can see the prior 5 posts by several top bloggers in a particular niche.  It’s a nice giant newsreader basically.  However, you didn’t get to pick the blogs.  Sometimes, lousy blogs seem to get through, but for the most part, you’ll find the more prominent blogs you were already familiar with in the top slots, plus you’re likely to find some new ones.

NewsFlashr Business Blogs – This one tends to be more investing oriented, but it sorts by time posted similar to PFBlogs.  This will introduce you to a different set of bloggers than most of the outlets above.

How To Use These Finance Aggregators

I use these primarily for two purposes as a reader – 1) as a giant newsreader and 2) to familiarize myself with new blogs in various niches.  Each time I check them out I’m not disappointed. You’re likely to find new content or blogs you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.  From a blogging standpoint, I’m on each of these (awaiting Nexus actually) and while I don’t get a ton of traffic from any one of them in particular, it’s nice to have my content out there and be associated with all the other great PF blogs out there.  I suspect some of these “Top 100” Lists are the source of many of the advertising requests I get (both the good and the bad).  So, there are likely some intangible benefits besides traffic you get from these as a blogger.

Do You Have Another Favorite Aggregation Site?

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1 Monevator February 7, 2010 at 1:00 pm

This is a timely reminder that I need a system for tracking blogs – I hope around luck a butterfly (in big boots!)

I’ve been waiting for two weeks to go into the Wisebread listing. Perhaps it was something I said? *sniff*

2 Financial Samurai February 8, 2010 at 12:07 am

Monevator – I think WB only allows one british blog for every 100 american blogs entered. just kidding.

I like following the first two pages of WB, and visiting my commenters links via comment luv, and of course my rotating blog roll.

3 Evan February 9, 2010 at 12:19 pm

I am all about the first two pages of Wisebread, the only thing I wish they would do is clean up those blogs that haven’t been updated in months.

4 Blair MacGregor February 13, 2010 at 9:37 am

Great list! I’ve been using Wisebread’s Top 100 to kind of immerse myself in the space; if you’re reading this and just getting into blog reading or personal finance blog reading, I would start there first and then try PFBlogs.org (although the latter is a little bit overwhelming in terms of layout IMO). As Evan said, there are a few blogs on the Wisebread list that haven’t been updated in a while but for the most part, those are few and far between; the top guys & girls in this space have real quality content that’s updated frequently.

Also, if you’re looking for aggregation, we just launched a site called CostRefuge (costrefuge.com if you’re interested….just type it into the address bar, i’m not here to drop links) that I think a lot of people in this space will really enjoy. We JUST started a few weeks ago and will be showcasing some of the better personal finance blogs as well as great finance content in some of the more mainstream publications & news sites; sort of a Techmeme for personal finance. As editor, I’ll be selecting everything by hand and will be adding my own “two cents” to a lot of the content once I figure out Drupal a little better. 🙂

Like I said we’re brand new, so we’re pretty bare bones for now but I have a lot of plans for our little corner of the world, so please check us out if you have an opportunity.

Blair MacGregor
[email protected]

5 small business financing US February 26, 2010 at 5:33 am

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6 qwetrader February 5, 2011 at 11:56 am

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