Weekend Reading: 2016 Olympics Edition

by Darwin on October 3, 2009

Another week of great reads.  These are entries from blogs I frequent, and I hope you will too (just come back!).  I’ve also included various finance/investing carnivals that published my material this week and my favorite posts from my two blogs. This week’s edition coincides the awarding of the 2016 Olympics to Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro.  Despite Obama’s best efforts to promote his hometown, the US was eliminated early even though the bookies had Chicago as the winner leading into the voting in Copenhagen.  Apparently, there may be some US/EU infighting going on – not about the war in Iraq and Bush’s legacy, but the notion that the US Olympic Committee is seen to be taking such a large cut off the top of the kitty to all revenues for the Olympics, so the International Olympic Committee is holding this over the head of the US indefinitely until the situation is resolved.  On one hand, some have praised the IOC for choosing Brazil in that “it’s not about the money” since Brazil will not generate the ad/sponsorship revenue that a US city does.  However, with infighting about the initial cut going to the US, perhaps it is somewhat about the money?  Enough of that though, here are my favorite articles in money and investing followed by my popular posts and blog carnivals I participated in:

Personal Finance:

Weakonomics: How Gas Stations Make Money

Digerati Life: Measuring Happiness at your Job

Simple Dollar: How the Traditional “Rules” of Frugal Living Often Vastly Undervalue Time

Consumerism Commentary: Saving Too Much Money?

Moolanomy: Home Renovations that Pay Off

Political Calculations: Violent Crime Rates in the US (excellent map)


Dividend Guy: Actively Managed vs. Index Funds

Dividends Value: Stocks increasing Dividends

Barel Karsan: Analyst Concensus

Dividend Growth Investor: Financial Dividends are Back

My Top Articles at Darwin’s Finance and Everyday Finance:

2009 Market Returns – Emerging Markets in Triple Digits

Nepotism in the Workplace

Using Currency ETFs to Play the Weak US Dollar

How Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the most Basic Rules of Physics

How to Achieve Incredible Results on the Backs of Others

My Trading Update – It’s been a while

Who Bought Your Politician? Political Action Committee Contributions Analyzed

Halloween Hit by Recession

Half of Americans will Pay No Federal Taxes

Carnivals that Featured my Content Recently:

Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights

Money Hacks


Money Hacks

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights

Festival of Frugality

Road to Financial Independence

Carnival of Money Stories

1031 Exchange

Carnival of Personal Finance

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